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Hagerty Employee

City of Detroit seeks demo bids for Packard plant

The city of Detroit has determined which buildings at the historic Packard plant site are the most dangerous and is now seeking bids from demolition contractors to remove the dilapidated structures. According to multiple media outlets, an assessment by the city's demolition department was completed last week.

It's very sad.
Detroit has been notorious for incompetency for years, even when I lived there. The City has been cushioned by GM and Ford for too long and now that their attention is elsewhere someone has to step in and do something about what was once a proud town.
Someone should have looked very carefully into the deal before the building was sold to
see if the plan was realistic in the first place.
Advanced Driver

Detroit need do nothing. We the people of the US will bail them out again. Kind of like lead pipes. They knew of the problem for decades. They said nothing. They did nothing. Until someone called them out. Then we bailed them out.

This is a city governed by minorities that is killing minorities. And getting away with it. Go figure.

What Detroit is doing is only a piece of the plant. Guess what? The can goes down the road again, ultimately at our additional expense. But only after it is forced to take action. Again.
Intermediate Driver

Not sure why people are taking the opportunity to knock Detroit here. The city is doing fine, and was never "bailed out." The mayor for the last 9 years is not a minority (unless you mean Irish), and I'm not sure what difference it makes anyway. In this case all the city is doing is cleaning up somebody else's mess, which is the right thing to do.

The only problem here will be the demolition of an Albert Kahn building - will not go down easily, and probably the reason why the Peruvian owner walked away.
Intermediate Driver

Sorrowful photos of a dying city. " Dying" being somewhat of a kinder word than what it really is. Dead.

So the saga of the "demolition" continues. Will be curious to see who does it.
Pit Crew

Folks, let’s not hate on Detroit. City is trying to remedy a problem here, let’s lean into it and help makes things better. I also challenge those who believe Detroit is dead to actually spend some quality time in the city. Between history, art, cuisine and a growing revitalization, Detroit has a lot to offer. Still has a ways to go, but the more positivity and hard work we pour into it, the better it’s going to be.