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Chrysler transmission teardown. Snowball's 1937 racer returns! | Redline Update


In the latest Redline Update, Davin tackles the ratty manual transmission in the 1937 Ford that used to belong to Snowball Bishop. The Mopar-440-powered racer uses a Chrysler A-833 four-speed manual. From the outside, the gearbox looks pretty rough. Although it seems to shift OK, the case is rusty and the shift lever was the recipient of a number of expedient welding jobs. Hey, racing can be a dirty business.


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Love that A833 four speed. Even though I am a Ford guy, I have to tip my hat to Ma' Mopar, as well as the New Process four speed. I lucked up on one for sale by a Chevy guy and ended up giving him $75 for it. Even for a 23 spline Abody four speed, that was a steal. Even in 2006 money it, it was STILL a steal.