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Hagerty Employee

Christmas Lights: The 10 most featherweight cars on sale today | Hagerty Media

"Simplify and add lightness" was said to be the mantra of Lotus founder Colin Chapman. Reduce weight and you can improve performance without adding power, while agility, braking and ride quality can all benefit. With customer demands for more and more horsepower and regulatory demands for increased safety, not to mention electrification adding the heft of batteries, cars are getting heavier and heavier.
Intermediate Driver

You missed the Morgan 3 wheeler at 1290 pounds.

By it's own choice, the Morgan isn't a car, and the title was "10 cars".
Intermediate Driver

That has gone out with a boom

Chevy dumped the Sonic due to lack of interest. And its Spark is too weak to light a candle.
New Driver

How about the Donkervoort D8 at "under 700 kg" or 1540 pounds?
Intermediate Driver

The McLaren at 2989 lbs is insane
What's it's power to weight ratio?!?!?!?!
Pit Crew

You missed the Subaru / Toyota FT86 at 2836#. Perhaps so you could include the McLaren?
Pit Crew

Pretty sure the gt86 is only 2817 pounds and should be on the list. Also the Nissan Versa, plus a few others. Could be lazy research but more likely the list creator wanted the Caterham at one end of list and the McLaren at the other and then filled in the eight spots in between.
Intermediate Driver

Um... 2700lbs is not a light car. Just say'n. Under 2200lbs/1000kg should be the cut off, in my opinion. That's due a large number of factors, but mainly because compounding factors as weight gets above that then you start sacrificing capability vs weight.
I LOVE under 1000kg cars. Every one I've owned has been wonderful. They accelerate faster, they change directions faster, their suspension is more responsive, maintenance is less, and fuel mileage is fantastic and they don't cost much. I miss them so much. In 1992 was commuting 38 miles each way and bought a used 1990 Ford Festiva. I would consistently get 44-47 mpg and a couple of time 50mpg. It weighed less than 1800lbs and was roomy inside compared to today's cars. It's MSRP was $7100 ($13,255 in 2020 dollars.)
I gave the Festiva to my dad with 33,000 miles on it. He drove it for around 100,000 miles before he gave it to my niece. She drove it for 80,000 miles before giving it to my nephew. He drove it for 40,000 miles before wrecking it. What a great car. It's a legend in my family.
Imagine what could be done with modern materials, modern design, and modern engines if they through away the overburden of regulations that adds 1000lbs and $1000's of dollars to the price.
Intermediate Driver

Sad that the Fiat 500 Abarth is no longer sold here or it would have made this list.