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Choo Choo Customs helped Chevy deliver a proper-looking El Camino SS

Choo Choo Customs built far more vans than it did El Camino SSs, but to many fans, the spiced-up utes are the company's crowning achievements. Despite their sometimes-ostentatious paint schemes, the van conversions often take a cushy back seat to the El Camino SS, a vehicle that never had a back seat at all.


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I have a 1985 Choo Choo.  The perfect family beast of burden.  And suddenly in the last year seems to have women running to come look at it.  Literally!  And trust me I have cars that even I think are way cooler than the Choo Choo.  I could have used this in high school.  While it's a classic, it is still used as intended in our house hold even if its days as race car hauler is behind it.  I am convinced that these (and 80's El Caminos in general) will soon become true collectables.

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