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Hagerty Employee

Chip makes the Minivan cool again Ep. 24 | Hagerty Media

Thank goodness that Lee Iacocca, upon exiting Ford on less than rosy circumstances, took his vision of a space-efficient people mover with him to Chrysler. In no uncertain terms, the 1984 Dodge Caravan (and Plymouth Voyager) that grew from the kernel of this idea changed the way families made their way across America.
Pit Crew

Chip Foose?!? Who’s that?
What the world needs is a Ralph Gilles Edition for minivans. Back when he was designing Viper dashboards and Chrysler 300s he showed up at Waterford Hills DE event in the family minivan. Of course he had tastefully ramped up it’s driving capabilities from the corporate performance parts bins. And so here was this minivan out there, driven by a quiet unassuming friendly guy, dusting away any number of European performance sedans on the track that weekend. If you were there, you cannot have forgotten about it.

Always love Chip's designs.

Chip has great talent but I am sooooooooooo tired of him. Can't we do something else? Maybe some stories on daily drivers. And I don't mean show car type daily drivers !!! Isn't that what most of us who insure thru Hagerty drive and are interested in ?
Pit Crew

Foose redesigned an 84 Dodge Caravan to resemble a Bronco. Good job Chip!
Pit Crew

Most likely not one in one hundred would identify Chip's "redesign" as a former minivan. No one would build such an eyesore. (maybe the mid 80s Bronco). So why bother? Hagerty.. . Something and somebody fresh. Please!
Intermediate Driver

I love Foose. I am usually not a fan of his makeovers, but it is fun to watch him work. Essentially Chip is drawing concept cars. He is just doing it after the fact. That is what is so much fun about it. This is a great one..
Advanced Driver

Makes the minivan cool again...when were they ever cool?!?!?!