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Hagerty Employee

Chip issues delay McLaren's Artura, Hyundai ceases engine R&D, big-battery Rivians take a back seat

Intake: The global semiconductor shortage will delay the launch of McLaren's Artura plug-in hybrid supercar, according to a report from Automotive News . This is the third time that the hybrid V-6 McLaren has been delayed-it was initially slated to arrive in Q3 of last year, but operating challenges caused by the pandemic pushed that date to June of 2021, then supplier problems pushed that to early fall of 2021.

Seems like a lot could change in 2 years regarding battery tech....

“Hyundai halting internal-combustion engine development”. Funny, seems like they did that years ago; based on the number of engines they have to replace.

Not to be critical.

With reference to Hyundai ( and GM, et al) it appears that automakers are falling yet again into government mandate traps, where the rules of the game can change much faster than automakers can respond (10 MPH bumpers anyone?). You think they would learn.

There simply is no where near the electrical generating capacity in existance to serve these electric auto forecasts. And now we just got proof: For all the "greens" out there, new US regulations on domestic oil and gas not only limited supply this year but also resulted in a 20% increase in 2021 coal consuption over 2020. Yes, all those clean electric cars are being powered now and for a long time hence by none other than COAL.

Just when all these automakers go all-electric, the govt. will change its mandates once again (and not even considering lithium extraction pollution). Then we'll see what the reality truly is for the "green" future.
Intermediate Driver

It seems that only Toyota is being skeptical about our all-EV future. Their C suite is hedging their bets on the subject and well they should. When all the other builders are trying to reallocate their resources back to an ICE and EV split, Toyota will be ideally positioned to fill a huge gap. Have none of the big government and business "leaders" ever heard of incrementalism? Rushing headlong into the next new idea is just like gambling the farm on a bet. Where are the rational futurists in this country?
Hey you govvies, take a tour of the big wide open and see how much it will cost to build out infrastructure for every far flung little town and farm. Most people making under $40K per year can't replace their older vehicles with the cheapest EV. They just can't afford an EV even with state and federal subsidies. When they realize that their subsidized EV needs a new $20K battery and that they can't afford all that "cheap" green electricity to charge it, they'll be coming to the centers of government and you'd better have some answers.
Here's an idea: the House, Senate, and Executive should be responsible for writing and passing all bills and regulatory edicts. Not lobbyists, not the DOT, not the EPA, not the DoD, etc. Just our elected officials with input from certified experts should be writing and passing law. Making our elected officials actually think, discuss, and form sensible legislation would take most of their time and leave little time for the continuous campaigning they indulge in. Sorry for boring everyone.

Hyundai / Kia shooting themselves in the foot. I suppose I should thank them. I can take their cars of my list. Last thing I need is another disposable Korean appliance. Samsung phones, LG Fridges, etc. just don't last. If I'm going to get an electric Toaster, it's probably going to be a Toyota. I hope Toyota and Honda continue on the Hydrogen development even if there does seem to be a resistance to it by the "Green Crowd" who seem to make public policy without any thinking.

Any one see the video of the Finn detonating his Tesla after getting news of the dead battery replacement est? Good example of people not calculating the consequenses of a very expensive EV purchase on top of battery failures that WILL happen after less than a decade of service which WILL costs more than HALF of the original purchase of the vehicle. So own your EV and after a few years it WILL own you.
Intermediate Driver

Yeah I saw the film and was amazed. Even more worrisome was that they wouldn't warrant the replacement battery. What, you're new battery failed? Here's another. That will be another $20,000 please. Thanks for your business. You are important to us.