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Hagerty Employee

Chip Foose takes the Delorean back to an alternate future | Hagerty Media

Very few cars define their era quite like the DeLorean, and its remarkable stainless steel aerodynamic wedge shape with gullwing doors turns heads everywhere it goes. While the body was penned by none other than Giorgetto Giugiaro, it's clear that the DeLorean was a product of its time and originally designed with safety in mind: [...]
New Driver

For the first time I actually like this drawing that Chip Foose has redesigned...Tailights and front end..nailed it...Wheels a huge upgrade!
Pit Crew

Owning an early production one, Vin. 2594, code date 08/81 I like that look and he's correct, power was the big issue, stock it's
a turtle compared to cars supposed to be it's competitors. If Chip would like to do and OVERHAULIN' on mine I would volunteer it
but a faster engine/better trans setup would have to be part of the deal. Hey Chip, let me know and we'll set it up. 🙂
New Driver

Very interesting! I am considering for years now to buy one.
But: did Chip lengthen the wheelbase? Then one could not use the existing DMC platform?
Given the mediocre power plant in the original, this will be an ideal car to electrify. I am seriously considering this.
Community Manager

Zimmer and other coach builders have lengthened wheelbases all the time using the donor car's subframes: usually just pushing the front subframe forward to extend the wheelbase to get "the look" and simply adding metal in the unibody to make it all work.  I am sure the same mechanics apply to the Delorean, even if its chassis is far from the unit body Ford Mustang that Zimmer used for most of its creations. 

New Driver

This may prove difficult, if I recall correctly, the car has a transaxle gearbox. Do you think Chip would go a bit deeper into the car itself (for which I would pay), or is he ‘just’ a stylist?