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Chip Foose reimagines the iconic Jaguar E-type

Enzo Ferrari called the Series I Jaguar E-type "the most beautiful car ever made," but the E-type coupe doesn't get nearly the attention of its convertible counterpart.  Chip Foose has plans to change that. Before our eyes, he'll transform the E-type coupe into a streetwise sports car with even sleeker design elements.


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Forget the re-design; the original was "spot on." There is not need to "improve" what the original JAG represents.  Enzo Ferrari was right when he said the XKE was a beautiful design (Including the Coupe). And loved the original wire wheels.


As to performance; the V-12 is the best choice, but they are prone to over heat and engine compartment occasionally catch fire (I have seen more than one JAG engine fires).  V-12 left little room for proper cooling.  And the English cars from the 60's had notorious electrical problems.  But you sorted out the problems you have a very nice cars.  I have owned a JAG XK-8 convertible a while back.  It was a Classy car and with "Big Brother" Ford's help all JAG's became more reliable (a new, lighter re-designed Aluminum block V-8 helped).  The XK-8 lines closely resembled the original E-Type and that is why I bought it.  I looked at an original XKE Coupe but it had too many mechanically issues to close the deal for me.  But I liked the looks of it.  Still a classy design, but prone to maintenance issues.

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