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Chip Foose reimagines the iconic Jaguar E-type

Enzo Ferrari called the Series I Jaguar E-type "the most beautiful car ever made," but the E-type coupe doesn't get nearly the attention of its convertible counterpart.  Chip Foose has plans to change that. Before our eyes, he'll transform the E-type coupe into a streetwise sports car with even sleeker design elements.


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Chip Foose is enormously talented, but his "improvements" to the XK-E coupe are akin to adding a mustache to the Mona Lisa.  Chip's veiled excuse for this exercise is that he suggests Enzo Ferrari was referring to the convertible when he said the XK-E was "The most beautiful car ever made".  I have never read nor heard that Enzo qualified his compliment as being intended for the convertible.  In fact, this is highly unlikely since the coupe has many brilliant - and timeless -  design elements that are lost on the convertible version.