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Hagerty Employee

Chip Foose reimagines the iconic Jaguar E-type

Enzo Ferrari called the Series I Jaguar E-type "the most beautiful car ever made," but the E-type coupe doesn't get nearly the attention of its convertible counterpart.  Chip Foose has plans to change that. Before our eyes, he'll transform the E-type coupe into a streetwise sports car with even sleeker design elements.


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What is next? Foose takes on the Ferrari P4?

Obviously artistic talent but giving the XKE a ghetto look is inappropriate.  Lowered XKE race cars are a pleasant modification.

I can not afford the XKE but my 2003 XKR coupe is a nice compromise. I would not Foose it either.


I can't unsee this.

New Driver

Tell Chip to keep his hands off my Mona Lisa and my 1964 Jag  type.

Some thing should not be tampered with ....



No. Just no.

Hagerty Employee
Hagerty Employee

I think a lot of you are missing the point of this exercise. He's simply sitting down and drawing an idea. He's not breaking into your garage, stealing your E-Type and cutting it up. We all have different opinions on cars, styling, design, etc... I get that. What I like to focus on with these videos is Chip's unbelievable ability to freehand draw this stuff!! I mean... c'mon! It's mesmerizing. Enjoy the art. Enjoy the craft. Move on.

Pit Crew

Really?? We missed the point because Foose takes a beautiful car and then draws an ugly one? Yes he can draw but that is not what this community is all about. You are right about one thing: someone missed the point entirely. It is you Woodworth.
New Driver

Even Babe Ruth struck out...

Intermediate Driver

I think both the cons and the pros are right.

Do I think the Jag needed to be I don't.

But you must give credit where it is due. The man has great artistic talent and vision. How many of us could do what he does freehand?

Today many cars are "restomoded". Is it right? That topic could be debated until the sun goes down. How many cars over the years have been redesigned to fit todays' market? Look at the Mustang, Camaro and Challenger. I would agree with his new design of the Jag only if the company, Jaguar, were thinking of coming out with the model again for the current market. To redesign the OLD Jag, as I said before...NO

New Driver

While "customizing" an XKE is a poor idea, I guess it's better than the horrible conversions to electric power. Actually, some of the profile changes came off pretty well, but I hate the extreme lowering and the gangsta wheels.

Pit Crew

I guess that I come down on the E-Type just like Chip. I have loved the roadster since I was 14 years old! I always wanted to buy one, but their rapid escalation in price and life, put them too far out of reach for me. On the other hand, I thought the Full Head Coupe was a turd! It just never captured my interest in any way. However, I really like what Chip did with the coupe!


Over the years I have known a few Jag owners and the are a little different. Not bad mind you just different. The comments bring me back to the encounters I've had with them. Everything is so serious. Lighten up guys or girls its just a drawing. While the original is perfect in someones eye it may not be to others. My good friend had an E coupe when we were in the Navy together. To me it just didn't fit my eye, a lot out of proportion. But everyone has a different eye and I for one like Chips eye.

New Driver

The E type Enzo Ferrari's comment was about was the Coupe. Lowering the roof would make the interior unusable for drivers over say 5'10. Moving the base of the windshield forward to have the line of the class hit the front hub appears to put that base over the back edge of the engine, it's challenging enough to work on already.  Lowering the car would make many driveways unusable, one must already be careful with the nose. The elegance of the design is in its lack of unneeded  adornment, the addition of the unneeded line and  outlet is a travesty. Chip needs to stick to decorating mundane transportation.     

New Driver

I'm glad to see that a lot of people agree that the E-Type is fine as it is, and the changes suggested are in the poorest of taste. By the way, Enzo was not talking about the roadster, because the original show car was the coupe...the roadster came next.


I think Chip is a welcome beacon in the swamp of automotive design. I've often admired the E Coupe myself, and missed an opportunity to buy a fixer upper when I had the chance. All groan. My only suggestion would be that the car from the beltline up should be slightly higher, and I wish the design of 

the vents on the fenders was different. Very well done.

And thank you Hagerty.


I think Chip created a beautiful and continuation design that had Jaguar carried this model to the present day, It would have looked like his updated design. 

Intermediate Driver

I agree. It’s rather like when they remake a classic movie, they have alter it just to show they’ve been there but it’s seldom an improvement and I cannot see much in Chip Foose’s adaption that would make me want his version over the original.

Pit Crew

No. Looks like a 4 door.

Almost any car looks better lowered, but they sure aren't practical.  Foose has the same style for every 'design':  lowered, big wheels with low profile tires, etc.  Nothing original here.

Pit Crew

Nope, Nope, just Nope!

In general I like and respect the cars that Foose does, but not this one! The classic lines and beauty of the E-type do not need to be messed with! Besides, Jag already tried that with the XK-8


I’ve been fortunate enough to own 2 Jag E-types in my life, a ‘63 coupe and a ‘66 convertible. I enjoy Chips work and have probably watched every episode of Overhaulin. I think he really missed the mark with this design. The Series 1-1.5 cars are timeless. It’s hard to improve on perfection. The only modernized early E-type design I’ve seen that I like is the all Electric 68 convertible that Jaguar Heritage built for the British Royals. That has a contemporary look, but they thankfully, left the body alone.


Like Chip said, the coupe does look top heavy.  He also said that he was going to make more hotrod looking, which he did.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!  And the builder.  But, I wouldn't want one.  Sorry, Chip.


He butchered the classic E Type looks 

New Driver

Chip send that design to the paper shedder! 


I think he did the XKE justice. Would buy that over the new Vette any day 

Intermediate Driver

I like this, I’m going to go out on a limb here. What if this was done has a “kit” car?
Pit Crew

Had I never owned or seen the original E type I really think he has created a great looking car, ultimately, it is better than most that have come and gone, so props to the artist.  This is not a Dunning-Kruger example at all.  It is just very hard for all of us to see our girlfriend through another guys eyes.  He states he wants to modernize the car and he has done that at the expense of visual clues we seem to appreciate.  No I wouldn't want to own this car but I would be interested in someone else buying it and parking it at my house.  


It's fascinating to see him draw, however his final product lacks the simplistic beauty of the original FHC which in my opinion is prettier than the OTS.  I hope he goes on to another project rather than building this "update".

Pit Crew

Chip Foose is an extremely talented designer but in this case perfection should just be left alone.  The XKE is a timeless classic with the perfect lines that should not be tampered with.  It was designed with perfect proportions of wheel to tire to body.  Modern lines do not mix with it.  I hope he never gets to modify one this way.


Pit Crew

There is no question that the original E-Type is one of the best all-time.  If Chip’s intent was to create a modern/hot rod version, he succeeded.  I would expect his to be a custom 1-off with a small block.  Maybe he would buck up for a modern Jag engine instead. As custom hot-rods go, I am sure it would be interesting, creative, and attractive in a unique way.   There was no way something so modern looking could be better than the original so hopefully the modern hot rod version was his intent. 


This clown should stick to drawing cartoons.  Have never seen one of his drawings I like.  Hagerty, please quit supporting this buffoon.  Don't care what his ideas are, one bit!


Chip Foose made the E-Type look as if it had a chubby kid sister. Family resemblance, but heavy in all the wrong areas. His design misses the mark by a w-i-d-e margin.  His quip about Enzo's critique of the E-Type seems suspect, but I can't call it out with any accuracy.  


Perhaps the only positive alteration to any E-Type would be to lower the body visually with a different tire and wheel combination, but design alterations are unnecessary, as the design is about as pure as it gets coupe or roadster. 

Intermediate Driver

Interesting styling exercise.  That’s all this is.  No need to be so harsh.  The original is definitely beautiful but I too have always thought the rockers were a tad high and there was a little too much space under the car.

Pit Crew

This is a tough car to 'fix'. Unfortunately, despite maintaining a nice long dash-to-axle, pulling the base of the windshield so far forward and pulling the front wheel back gives it the proportions of a 911. I, too, question whether Enzo was referring to the convertible (which loses the gorgeous fastback roofline). And the longer front and rear overhangs look less modern, not more modern. Glad he kept the chrome bumperettes and kink in the beltline.

Intermediate Driver

looks like the late model XK

Intermediate Driver

I agree with most of the comments here that E-type styling isn't to be messed with but disagree with the suggestion that the roadster possesses the best of the E-type styling cues.
I am sure there is a automotive example where a roadster is better looking than a coupe (C8 Corvette might be that car for some) but I can't think of one.
New Driver

Foose can make any model Beautiful

Yep, all you have to do is park one of creations next to the original. Bam, the original already looks better!.
Pit Crew

The original XKE was a better design
New Driver

I'd love to see this car come to life! And Chip Foose, one of few who can captivate and audience with a pencil and a piece of paper. Awesome
Advanced Driver

You might say that...Chip is Foose Loose and Fancy Free! If you like that, Chip--it's yours!