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Hagerty Employee

Chip Foose Fixes the 2021 BMW M3/M4


The 2021 BMW M3 coupe and M4 sedan are, well, not without their detractors. Most of that venom is directed at their new face, which takes BMW's historic kidney grilles to new lows: the new grilles droop far below the bumper's centerline, making a face with the same oversized grille treatment as so many other high end, luxury/performance vehicles.


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Pit Crew

Yes please!  Chip is spot on with his overall assessment of BMW design and that they are now following instead of leading.  Is it the Chinese market that is driving these hideously massive "grilles", Star Wars, or something else?  Doesn't matter.  It needs to stop.


For Chip's design, I would just slightly reduce the size of the upper kidney beans, and start working on manufacturing it for aftermarket sales.  He should be able to sell a bunch of them.


I never thought I'd say this, but I think this time Chip's design doesn't go far enough.  The problem for me s that BMW's design suffers from too much "face".  The addition of the bumper is nice, but the lower half still suffers from too much grillework.  I'd fill in everything below the lateral bumper line, leaving only the two kidneys up top.  The solid white face below could become a badged air dam or some functional ground-effects venting.  The added blank white space up front would tone down some of that massive original grille.


Chip is right.  BMW did not do a good job.  Sell them to the Chinese and re-design them for the rest of the world.