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Hagerty Employee

Chevy's Silverado EV boasts 400 miles of range, 780 lb-ft of torque, and a nifty midgate

If there were any questions about whether Chevrolet would respond to crosstown-rival Ford's all-electric F-150 Lightning, consider them answered. Chevy's come out firing with an all-electric light-duty pickup of its own and, from our first look at the Silverado EV, it's clear that the Bowtie brand isn't backing down from the next generation of the truck wars.
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Intermediate Driver

20K is a lot of money to most people - and just to get 400 miles range? 20K will buy a whole lot of gas, just sayin... I really wonder what the cost will be to replace batteries when they are out of warranty- another 20K? There are already guys blowing up their Teslas when they need a new battery pack. At some point it is just arithmetic.
I know there is a lot of money floating around in the upper income brackets since the fed dropped 5 trillion dollars into the economy but what is the market really going to be for 80-100K trucks, long term? I have a small business restoring vintage motorcycles so I always need a truck. Pretty sure my next truck will be a Maverick hybrid not a full size EV truck because 30, 20 or even 10K will buy a lot of gas.


How many cars can get 400 miles to the tank today? More importantly, how many people really need that kind of range when gas stations are as prevalent as they are today? Do you know anyone who has a 400 mile commute with no gas stations along the way?

Intermediate Driver

With all the numbers bantered about (range, charging time, charger type, battery size, hp, torque, towing capacity, towing range, trim levels, pricing) and their complex interrelationships, I wonder if anyone will actually know what they are getting when they get it? I get this image of buyers trying to guess which of the three walnut shells the pea is sitting under.
Intermediate Driver

It seems like range is becoming less of a problem for the new crop of EVs. Tesla just tested a new battery that achieved over 800 miles in independent testing. I wish them luck, but in 50 years I haven't found any GM, Ford, or Stellantis that I was willing to buy new.
Pit Crew

GM wants to call this a Silverado when it is indeed an Avalanche. Did GM not notice that this looks just like the old avalanche? It even has the mid gate! With a ridiculous price it fits right in with the Avalanche, which they priced right out of their market.
Pit Crew

So is the projected mileage based on climbing the miles in the pictures or driving at 55 MPH??
Pit Crew

So many prognostications!

Answer me this - taxes on gasoline pay for road repairs and paving. What percentage of actual costs do the taxes pay for (I do not know)?

Will road taxes be added to electricity used to charge EV batteries? Will such taxes double the actual cost of charging EV batteries?

It would be a simple matter for a chip in an EV computer to tell a state, county, municipality, and/or federal government where you drove, how much electricity you used, add an additional surcharge for certain times of the day or night, and "unecessary" driving.

Always remember that Big Brother is watching you, since 1984.

I cannot get over how expensive these trucks are, with or without batteries... The great used trucks that do the SAME thing as a new unit and "pre- scratched" to boot!!! The savings on fuel would have to be CONSIDERABLE to make up for this sizable expense....
I purchased my 1990 Ranger 23 years ago for $4500. Today it's worth $4500 in it's great condition so my cost of ownership is basically ZERO!!!

Not quite. You’re forgetting inflation. In 1990 $4,500 was the equivalent of $9,569 today. 
Now add in maintenance, insurance, gas, tires, etc. 

New Driver

Looks like it is a unitary construction like an Aussie Ute rather than a pick up truck, is this a sign pointing to all Silverado's being built like this in the future? Looks softer and more pleasant than the current Silverado.

The key word is estimated. In other words, educated guess. The real question all of the manufacturers should be asked is, what is the estimated service life of your EV's battery? That question it seems is being purposely avoided by all of the EV manufacturers. There should be vehicle safety questions that should also be asked. My top question on that subject would be, are any of the factories performing crash tests on these EVs and if so what are the results? It is a well known fact that Lithium Nickel Alloy Batteries combust on impact. Why aren't these manufacturers being asked these questions? Or are they avoiding them?
Advanced Driver

The "less is more" looks interesting to me having at least 4 new suburbans and 2 WTs going back to 1987.... along with maybe another 10 used Chevy trucks.
Advanced Driver

We can argue all day the merits of gas/electric. It will be a long time before I will purchase an electric vehicle. Why? Road trips. Good luck convincing me there will be any type of charging structure that will allow for road trips.

However, back on the E150 forum a simple question was asked, and I quote " OldRoad, ‎20-05-2021 12:40 AM, What are the potential service costs of these coal powered EVs?

Everyone got wrapped up in "coal powered". Of course no information was ever offered about the potential service costs.

I would like an educated guess on charging costs. I would like an educated guess on service costs. I have seen somewhere between nothing and nada on the cost of running these things. Except for the usual tires/shocks I have no experience with any of these costs.

From all I can tell, there are no costs associated with these vehicles. I buy one and my troubles are over.

Does Ford or Chevrolet say anything about these costs? Does anyone say anything about these costs?

Hagerty, are you talking? There is plenty of "traveling salesman" here. When do we see some hard discussion?

The Utility companies already are advertising their EV charging rate costs. Think they will stay that low?
Much bigger problem are state gas taxes that pay for road infrastructure based on fuel sales.
Don't forget the annual registration fees based on vehicle weight> then value,
Service costs? Vehicle mfg. cost vs ICE? much simpler and cheaper, but cost more because "new" tech!
If vehicles don't need typical regular serving every 10k or less miles, what will dealers do? Charge double for what service they do, or cut the pay and training of mechanics?
Just askin' !!!
Intermediate Driver

Tiny over priced Alalanche!
Intermediate Driver

Work Truck starts at 41K.

I guess if I could afford two, so I'd always have at least ONE charged up and ready to go... kind of like my Lithium battery powered drills that have a spare battery already charged when the first one goes DEAD. In the cold, they say DO NOT DISCHARGE BELOW 20 PERCENT, also when it is Cold, YOU LOSE ABOUT 20 PERCENT of the range right off the top. YEAH.. I WANT ONE OF THOSE BOAT ANCHORS!! --- N O T !!

It’s electric!


What dome of the skeptics have to do is just watch the Hummers and see what they are doing as they have been extensively tested in the cold the last few years and we it should tell us what they will do. Same motors and batteries. 


Advanced Driver

$100K?? That's a lot of coinage. With EV sales only making up roughly 2-3% of current sales, I hope GM doesn't hang their hat on robust EV Silverado sales. They only sold 25 EV's in the 4th quarter of 2021.
I would love to hear the discussions in the board room.