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Hagerty Employee

Chevy leaks 70th anniversary Z06, WRC's oldest comeback kid, Saleen to forge its own EV path?

Intake: You can try to visit the website for Chevrolet's "Visualizer," but it's too late, as they already removed the 70th Anniversary edition of the 2023 Corvette Z06. The founder of spotted the anniversary edition by coincidence upon visiting the Visualizer.

The Vette is very good looking. Kind of the Darth Vader look. Better than the white and silver 60th.

The Chip deal for Ohio is a big deal. I am a little disappointed how the story talks about how Biden has offered to support this but makes no mention on how the Gov Mike Dewine and the Ohio government help bring this deal to Ohio.
Sadly the media is not giving credit to where the credit is due.

There is no real need for more Federal support when the states can compete for these plants. That is some states can compete.
We could see up to 8 plants built here on the 1,000 acers they acquired.


Considering the importance of IC chips to the auto industry I wonder if the Whitmer administration even bothered to put together a package offer to Intel to locate the plant in Michigan.
Intermediate Driver

I suspect Ohio State being just down the road a bit helped this deal. Kudos to the Ohio Gov. for getting this deal done. It should have never been necessary.