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Hagerty Employee

Chevy confirms that an all-electric Silverado is on its way | Hagerty Media

Although General Motors tapped the GMC Hummer to spearhead its EV invasion, we knew it wouldn't be long before Chevy's stalwart Silverado got involved. Chevy just confirmed that an all-electric Silverado is indeed on the way. The electric Silverado will join battery-powered pickups from newcomers like Rivian and Bollinger Motors as well as more established players, like the electric Ford F-150.

Towing and Hauling are not an issue, 90% of the Quad Cab pickups are just used as 4 door sedans.
Advanced Driver

For "civilian" use, yes. But many haul campers and such on weekends. COMMERCIAL users might be a different story. I expect the range to be cut in half hauling a modest camper. 200 miles is about a four hour drive one way. If I can plug in after I get to the camp ground it might be okay. Expect to be still a day or two though! It takes FOUR FULL DAYS to recharge a Tesla off a 110V outlet. Tesla says that you add 2-4 miles of range per hour on a 120V plug, about 30 miles an hour off a 240V plug. Camper connectors are 30A 110V, or 50A 240V. Campers are wired to treat the two 120V legs of the 240 as two separate 120V circuits, but you can use a charge cord wired as 240V. Would still take 13 hours for a full charge off the 50A connector.

Interesting the charge times,we haul two horses to many events as well as camping and live in a fairly remote area so its a hour to the nearest coffee stop let alone to the event once there plug ins are rare so what do you do in that case bring a generator?The other thing that I want to know is A/C I would assume that it would directly affect the distance available and in the off season (winter) what about heat Iam not opposed to lessening the carbon foot print but much more has to be considered we live in a northern climate and heat is on in our vehicles from Oct thru till late May I just dont see a EV in our future.R
Hagerty Fan
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EV manufacturing frenzy continues. YAWNNNNNNNN

And while these EV trucks are getting their batteries charged, trucks that run on gasoline and diesel will still be working. Just hope you can find a charging station out in the field when the battery goes dead.

"Infrastructure" is coming whether you want it or not. A trillion here, a trillion there, and the problem is solved.

What if "everything Chevy’s loyal truck buyers love about Silverado" was that outstanding V-8?

Rolling black outs in 3..2..1..
New Driver

Fuel is one of the highest taxed commodities on the planet and source of revenue for governments worldwide. Reduce this income and it will be switched over to the Kilowatt hour. Now everyone with a lightbulb is paying, not only e-car owners.

I'm sure a fossil fuel version will be available for authorized commercial users with a permit.
Pit Crew

When will common sense override environmental stupid. 400 mile range when empty will not be useful as a pickup. Be sure to bring everything for tailgating while the battery recharges.

Once again, the order of business is wrong. The infrastructure (national charging stations) need to be built first. Then parts should be shipped to dealers. Then all wrenches need to be trained how to fix the thing when it falls down in some small town in Nebraska. No one is thinking about the shift to electricity properly, and the designers need to be fired. The vehicles are atrocious.
Pit Crew

My electric truck that I can’t get yet outperforms, out ranges and is a better price than YOUR electric truck you can’t get yet. Glad I cleared that up. Mine will leave yours in the dust in in the back country. Just saying.
Hagerty Fan
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And when the batteries expire your both stuck in the back country, calling a Diesel flat bed to drag you out of the back country.
Intermediate Driver

While they're at it, they should hire some stylists that are sober.

And what about the GMC Sierra?