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Hagerty Employee

Chevrolet vs. Ford: Who rules the collector car world?

In an era when knee-jerk political polarization poisons discussion of everything from the economy to epidemiology, it's therapeutic to engage in a completely harmless form of partisanship. I'm talkin' about Chevrolet vs. Ford. The iconic American brands have been slugging it out for more than a century and despite producing vehicles that are very similar on paper, have amassed loyal and often doggedly opposed fanbases.
Advanced Driver

Not as many Cuda's made as Camaro's and Mustangs. They would have had a very bad showing.
Intermediate Driver

Dollar for dollar, you can't go wrong with a 1965 to 1968 Mustang or a 1967 to 1969 Camaro.
Compact size, easy maintenance, and, best of all, fantastic, reasonably priced parts availability.
They are eye appealing and everyone likes them. But a the right price and enjoy it for as long as you want to.
Money in the bank; always worth a good dollar!
New Driver

I think Hagerty just lobbed a grenade with the intent to further generate the debate. All fun.

Well, I am 2-2. Vette and S10 Extreme, and then a Fox Body 5 speed Mustang and Pantera (can I count a Pantera a Ford, I think so). And then 2 Pontiacs (Trans-Ams), and 2 Mopars (Challengers), and 2 Lamborghinis (Countach and Jalpa). I guess I am like Noah's Ark. As you can tell I like all types of cars!
Pit Crew

Interesting article. But as with most Chevy vs Ford comparisons it seems like the other GM / Ford cars or divisions need to be factored in. In this article the corvette puts an interesting spin of the stats. Does the Firebird and Couger when thrown into the mix also spin the stats? Just a conversation topic. It's the same argument with pick/up trucks. Ford has claimed the #1 spot for many years but when GMC trucks are added to the Chevy truck totals that's not always the case. The bottom line: Seems like an argument that may never be resolved and do we really want it resolved? Of course not! What else are we going to argure about. LOL
Intermediate Driver

Well...I never lost a wink of sleep over either marquee and i certainly wont start now.
Intermediate Driver

What did I learn? That I just wasted 10 minutes on a bunch of useless gobbledeegook. Next up: "Unlocking The Megavault of Mystery: Which is better--gas pedal or glove box? Experts Weigh In" and other gigantic inanities...
Intermediate Driver

My mind went to Bronco vs Blazer.
Blazer for me.
Advanced Driver

Oh brother...
New Driver

Really? All this talk of muscle car popularity and the name PONTIAC doesn’t pop up? Having come of “car age” in the 60’s I can tell you how I, and most of my peers felt. Prior to 1964 whenever you talked about hot rods the ultimate car that came to mind was the ‘32 Ford Roadster, hands down. Fords ruled in our minds from the 1928 Model A to the 1940 Ford coupe. There were a couple of “big car” factory hot rods (think the original “Super Duty” Pontiac) but not enough of them. But then in 1964 something happened and that something was the birth of the GTO. We ALL fell in love with that car and we all wanted one. 1964-1967 ruled the roost. Yeah, Ford had that Mustang, but there were too many of them with six cylinder three speed manuals for us to really get into them. We referred to them as a Ford Falcon in another body style. Chevy Malibu wasn’t bad and when the SS came out we all took notice, but again there were cheap engine-tranny (can I use that word?) combos (230-6, power glide) that made us sneer. Not so with the GTO. If you owned a goat it was a mean mother. Pontiac chintzed-out on the auto transmission in 64-66 but they finally wised up in 67 with the his/hers Turbo 400. Today a fully restored GTO will bring over $100k and it doesn’t seem that there are many unrestored ones left. Go to a car show and you’ll see Mustangs, Cameros, and all that Mopar junk (heheheh) but the car that people spend the most time looking at is the GTO. It was the king then and is still the king, hands down!
Pit Crew

My 68 Mercury Cougar XR7 draws more attention than either Mustangs or Camaros because both are so common around here. Corvettes almost as much so. Near as any gearhead around here can tell I own the only classic Cougar for miles around hence an inordinate amount of a stock, mint 68 Cougar which looks and is just as if it rolled out of the showroom.

Been in lots of car shows. Always been the only 67 or 68 Cougar.
Intermediate Driver

You can find enough parts laying alongside the road to keep a Chevy running but not so with the other brands.
New Driver

This is a poorly written article from the standpoint that it leaves out crucial data. What model and year Mustang are you comparing to what year and model Camaro or Corvette?

Are you comparing a 1969 Boss 429 against a Camaro Z28?

Or a Z28 against a 68 Mustang coupe?

What about the Shelby GT-350 against the Corvette? Or even the Shelby Cobra?

In other word the article is useless from determining which brand in general is of greater value. More so when each has many more models in the line up.

But the mid engined C8 Corvette has no Ford counterpart- just like the '50's through '22s. There is no Mustang nor Mustang based analog to the Corvette. I'm a GM guy, but admit the superiority of the modern 5.0 GT and (be still my beating heart) flat crank Mustang Shelby GT350. The ZL1 Camaro, with brilliant numbers, fails on track and street compared to the Voodoo GT350. Compare the exhaust notes, if nothing else. I'm gonna go against my GM upbringing and call it Mustang.