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Hagerty Employee

Chevrolet ups ante in towing war, gives 2021 Silverado HD 36,000 capacity

The 3/4 and 1-ton versions of the Ford, Ram, and GM light-duty trucks that Americans love so much are all absolute brutes when it comes to towing. With diesel engines that produce 400+ hp and transmissions that boast deep low gears for getting loads moving and overdrive ones for calm cruising, they’re all capable of hauling tremendously heavy loads. Chevrolet, Ford, and Ram have been lobbing improved power, torque, and tow ratings back and forth at each other for decades, using every opportunity to make a best-in-class claim.


The latest salvo comes from Chevy, who announced that the 2021 Silverado 3500 is capable of towing 36,000 pounds. That beats Ram 3500 by 900 pounds and Ford F-350 by 250 pounds, at least for now ... Read the full article on