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Hagerty Employee

Chevrolet teases Z06, glorious flat-plane V-8 noises ensue | Hagerty Media

We've seen spy photos and heard the sound of the upcoming Corvette Z06's exotic new engine, courtesy of third parties, but today we got our first taste directly from Chevrolet. Two years ago, we made the vision of a mid-engine Corvette Stingray a reality, this fall get more information and your first look at the supercar that will put the world on notice.

Sounds great. I laughed at USA Today claiming the Z06 would be electric yet posted this video.

The flat crank in this case was only done for sound per Tadge from the Corvette team. The DOHC is to meet coming emissions.

This should be a sweet car.
Advanced Driver

I just hope they fix the seriously ugly rear end on these mid-engined Corvettes. They're a real eyesore.

The C8 looks way better without the spoiler. It also looks better if you get the spoiler and side blade in body color. I prefer the C7 design, but the C8 is looking better to me as I see more on the street. Maybe the Z06 will have some design updates.


One can only hope. I can't get past front end.
New Driver

The article asks how did Chevrolet build such a large displacement flat plane crank motor. A large displacement flat plane crank motor is nothing new. Back in the 1970's drag racer Gary Beck had a top fuel hemi with a flat plane crank that displaced at least 426 cu. in., or in other words, 7 liters. He only ran it a few times and gave up on it because it apparently did not give the advantage he thought it would.

Wake me when you can buy a Vette with a clutch pedal. And one that reverses the trend of each successive generation getting more ugly.
Advanced Driver

Unfortunately that isn't happening. The take rate on manuals was so low that GM knew they could get away without it. Reportedly this car literally cannot have a manual, as there's no room for the shift linkage. Sigh.

Last weeks IMSA was a complete bore. BMW didn't even show up and the single Porsche team entered the race but for all intent and purposes might as well have not shown up as they were an embarrassment. My question; When is a quality factory performance team going to step up and enter a livery that can compete with the Corvette team?

Better late than never I guess, just in time for the EV Revolution, should have ditched the pushrods long ago. Don't get me wrong, I grew up on pushrods and love them in their time period.

In the clip, with my very good headphones, it sounded like a hot four cylinder to me. I'm braced for the hate but I stand by my opinion.
New Driver

A flat plane V8  is essentially 2 four cylinders in a V so it will sound like a very angry 4 cylinder. Some of the cross plane V8 with a hot V also do not have the typical V8 throb as each of the twin turbos are not fed exclusively by one bank.  This effectively mitigates the uneven firing per bank by optimizes gas scavenging.  The big advantage of the flat plane is a much simpler and lighter crank which can be spun much faster than a cross plane. It still astounds me the S65 V8 in the E90 M3 a cross plane v8 could rev to 8400 rpm. The flat plane V8 in the NA ferraris could rev to 9000. 

Pit Crew

Nice! However, the new engine sounds like a two-stroke multi-cylinder motorcycle or all of those obnoxious Japanese cars, particularly when idling. I am sure it is quick and fast...but, a radical big cam, naturally asperated, 750hp 572ci Big Block sure is music to my ears.
Pit Crew

Wait a minute…
“Ugly rear end”
Did I read that correctly?

Raise your right hand if you don’t like big ass rear ends on Italian automobiles. No you won’t raise your hand because your other Bro’s will laugh at you. Mama mia No….the ass end of the C8 is beautiful. The Z06 will be even better.
Bravo Team Corvette.