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Chevrolet premieres C8 Corvette development documentary with Part 1: Design | Hagerty Media

Although it's the direction that Zora Arkus-Duntov had wanted for decades, moving the Corvette to mid-engine for 2020 marked the most revolutionary leap in design since America's sports car debuted more than 65 years prior. It would require a major, ground-up redesign as well as a total reengineering of everything from the powertrain to driver ergonomics.
Intermediate Driver

Can't wait until the ZR1
Pit Crew

I don't know how much longer I can pass on buying one of these bad girls. I say girls because these C8's are sexier than hell.

It took 13 months to get ours. Amazing car, but if you're over 6 feet tall and 230 pounds you may not like the fit.
Hagerty Fan
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Impressed? No. Not taken by the excessively creased shell of the body. Looks as if it had gone through an axle splining lathe. Those door scoops and that homely hump over the rear fenders? I'm guessing for the purpose of cooling the radiators it's necessary. Inside the the scoop could be a partition to divide radiator cooling and engine compartment air similar to the GT40 side scoops which divided brake cooling and engine ventilation. In short I believe Chevrolet division could have done better. Then there is IMSA. A first year championship against a struggling Porsche and BMW as competition. So they won 2:40 comp sprint races but failed miserably in endurance competition with mechanical issues. The Corvette team will most likely win another against BMW as their only competition in 21. Most likely winners in 2:40 and losers in endurance. Hopefully they'll improve because endurance is what makes a real champion.

The front end looks like it was taken off a Ferrari 458/488, the sides are over done, but that A$$....IT’S ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!! I was not/am not a fan of C7...BUTTT I would rather have to look at one in my garage, than a C8...and now MT Driver’s Car of the Year testing, reveals that lap times are off, and the brakes are sub par in track use, compared to C7. So far the only high points are: improved fit and finish, better interior materials, better balance (not all bad), and quicker (better traction, but I’ll wait to see if these early test cars a ringers...remember the first C4 ZR1s running 11.90s in the 1/4?).

Crappy imitation of Euro cars. Need to pull the engine just to change sparkplugs. No way would I ever buy one. Any previous generation of Corvette would be better!