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Hagerty Employee

Chasing reliability, Part 2: Preventive maintenance

Last week, I talked about reliability issues in two very different cars in my arsenal-the 2003 BMW E39 530 stick sport that's ostensibly my daily driver, and my 1996 Winnebago Rialta (a Volkswagen Eurovan with a Winnebago camper body) that my wife and I use for short trips to the Cape.
Intermediate Driver

Glad they got the comments working again. Great article. I am a fan of ‘70s and ‘80s Jaguars and I hear all the time “oh, they are so unreliable.” I tell people that if properly maintained they are as reliable as any other 30 year old European car. By that I don’t mean oil changes but pro-actively addressing issues before they fail. All the “Prince of darkness” stuff is not true, Lucas components are fine, the problem is that electrical connections in vintage Jaguars often corrode. If the DIY person will go through them cleaning the connecting points and add some dielectric grease you are good to go for another 30 years. Not that there aren't issues that maybe were not the best engineered or that cost cutting didn’t effect some components but if the car survived this long a little TLC and you’ll have a fun, reasonably priced, and reliable car.

BTW, you are way better dressed than I am when on vacation.