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Championship-winning DN4 Can Am Shadow flips at Road America reunion

Vintage racer Jim Pace walked away from a high-flying crash at this past weekend's Can-Am Shadow reunion when his 1974 Shadow DN04 floated off the track as it crested Road America's famous straight. Once airborne, the wedged race car flipped back over onto its nose, upside down, and came crashing back down, sliding until it stopped about a quarter-mile from where it lifted off, according to witness reports.


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Replies (2)

Replies (2)

Or at the end of the straight, where A.J. Foyt ended his career.

New Driver

Bummer, so glad he appears to be ok, though. At least it wasn't on Canada Corner or uphill from Turn 5, where there's no straight length to land & slide like at the RA start/finish. 

Advanced Driver