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Hagerty Employee

Celebrate the Ford Mustang's 57th birthday with these just-unearthed development documents | Hagerty Media

By now we all know the story of Ford executive Lee Iacocca, in the 1960s, anticipating the buying power of the baby boomer generation as they came of age. He correctly perceived that they'd be down like James Brown for a small car with sporty flair and a value price.

In the lead photo, the T-bird appears to be wearing '57 Plymouth wheel covers. A bit odd for a Ford photo...

Hot DANG! As an owner of a 64 1/2, Thank You! Only question I have, is, why wasn't this the lead article? I almost didn't see this, with the AMC article leading.

You know you're old when you read that the Mustang is 57 years old. 😞
Advanced Driver

Fantastic article, with amazing research and documentation. Thanks!!
Community Manager

You are very welcome! 

Pit Crew

You know your old when you rode the Magic Skyway in a Blue Mustang convertible.
Advanced Driver

57th Anniversary? Weird but I like the new information. Bought my first Mustang in 1970, 1967 2+2 toploader 4 bbl(not the hipo, to expensive and rare) and still own one today. I do like the Camaro/'Cuda/Challenger/AMX etc though, there were so many great cars back then. And so differentiated.
Intermediate Driver

Thank you for this article and all of the documents. Very interesting. I have read alot about the Mustang development and own a lot of books but there was much new info in here, at least to me.
Intermediate Driver

One of these many documents refer to the "T-5" project. In fact, when first exported to Germany, the Mustang was badged as the T-5. Later, as the "Mustang" was such a huge seller overall (and maybe the association of "Mustang" as the fighter plane faded in German memories) the proper name was used, at least until export stopped, and only restarted with the current iteration.
New Driver

You know you're old when you can remember communicating via inter office memo and letters that were typed by secretaries.
Advanced Driver

Just think... Such detail exists for every car we've seen in modern history; and many that we've never seen. I've had the opportunity to skim similar documents at Chrysler historical archives and they are FASCINATING, especially with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight. Maybe one thing to look forward to in our dystopian future will be the opening of more corporate archives now that such information has no competitive value. Thank you for presenting so much of it here.
Community Manager

I am very glad to see you enjoyed the documents!  

Advanced Driver

Reinhold Weege? Are you the guy from Night Court? If not, COOL user name! If so, COOL user name!
Intermediate Driver

The rebirth proposal of the 'Baby T-Bird' (2 seater +2) was good enough that it should have been given to the Mercury Division for a luxo-car. FORD Division was too parochial and gazing pitifully at their own navel to see the possibilities for that excellent proposal. A 4-speed High-Performance 289 Baby Bird with a modest back seat for gear or kids would have been a majestic seller for Mercury (which had NOTHING high-performance in their showrooms at this date).