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Hagerty Employee

Caterham is set to go electric and the fans aren't happy | Hagerty Media

It's been a whirlwind month for Caterham Cars. First the little sports car maker was taken over by its Japanese distributor and now it has announced that it will launch an electric version in 2023. Fans of the brand were delighted by the takeover, reckoning that Caterham would be in good hands with VT Holdings, which also imports Lotus cars in Japan.
Advanced Driver

Very sad. A generic electric drivetrain will turn the Caterham into nothing more than an expensive Kit Car.

The basic idea of a Caterham, which is to be a sports car so committed to the idea of light weight that it's miserable to drive every day, is one that won't survive the electric revolution. EVs make sense for most cars, such as your average 4-cylinder Chevy or Kia, but not this type of car. It's why I'm of a mind to buy a new 86 or Miata in the next decade.
Pit Crew

As a Caterham owner, I do enjoy the overall visceral experience of the car, but if we want our children and their children to be able to have at least some of the fun, we have to adapt. If it’s all about the noise, how about sticking some old baseball cards in the spokes!

There are other, better ways to adapt than to sacrifice a personal pleasure for a global goal. How about working two extra hours at work four days a week and having an extra day off? If we adopted a four day work week standard that would reduce commuter traffic by on average 20% during the week in the US. There are plenty of examples that measure workplace productivity and show no discernible difference in quantity or quality of work output between a four day and five day week. I'm not sold that mining nickel, cadmium, lithium, and lead (all of which are primary elements and in limited non-renewable supply) and then chemically refining them into usable materials for batteries is the solution to end climate change or minimize our effect on the world.

I am not denying that climate change is a problem, it is a huge problem. But it seems like all the eggs are in the electric car basket. Do we even know the true environmental cost of operating an electric car? If you charge the car on a traditional coal (unlikely) or LNG (highly likely) power grid are you truly offsetting tailpipe emissions? Does the extra effort and raw materials required to make high powered batteries offset the lack of a tailpipe?


I can't buy into your premise. The world's climate has always changed and will always change. From day to day, hour to hour, it changes. Human kind have little to do with what Mother Nature does. We're just a spec on a gnat's butt to Mother Nature. She doesn't care about us.
No, that doesn't mean I believe in dirty water and dirty air, but last time I checked our water and air is far better than even when I was a kid in the 60's. We're not killing the Earth. That's just a bunch of BS from a lot of people who regularly fly on Private jets and have a carbon footprint hundreds of times larger than any of ours.

I'll start getting worried about these things when the rich people stop buying up ocean front property and building mansions! 🙂 Why do we have to change when the people crying out for change never seem to change? I don't buy it.

Folks you may be disappointed but do not hold these MFG and parts suppliers responsible. This is going to be a matter of survival.

I work in the performance aftermarket and many well know names are going to have too slowly in some cases and quickly find their place in the future. These vehicles are coming like it or not.

I know we are making moves to continue to service the ICE market but add EV to out offerings.

Again I will say this loud and I want you to pay attention. Automakers are changing as they are finding a way to remake them into tech companies and make them able to make more profits with lower cost in building. Yes in time EV will be cheaper and easier to build. They are not out to save trees they are out to save their bottom lines.

But this is what you need to do. Watch and prepare to fight limits on our collector cars. Now that the MFGs are moving to EV the tree huggers will move to try to limit the use or in some cases do away with our ability to enjoy our cars. Think not? look at the limits on ICE in London and Paris today. We in this country are still fighting to prevent them from restricting what you can remove from a vehicle that is race only. Read up on the RPM act and see just what the radicals are wanting to do. and how we can and have been fighting it.