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Hagerty Employee

Cars on the cover: 5 unforgettable samples of automotive album art | Hagerty Media

My adult daughter keeps telling me that, as a music lover, I should subscribe to Spotify or some other streaming service. When it comes to exploring new material I suppose she has a point, it's nice to be able to listen to whatever you want to listen to, wherever you want to listen to it.
Intermediate Driver

Heartbeat City by The Cars is the first one I thought of.
New Driver

Actually, the car on the Beach Boys album cover is not a GTO. It's a 64 Grand Prix.
Intermediate Driver

Thanks for the correction.
Pit Crew

My favorite car album Cover is for "Feats Don't Fail Me Now." It is by Little Feat and was released in 1974. The cover illustration by Neon Park shows a dark Blue Circa 1947 Lincoln Continental driven by George Washington with Marilyn Monroe cozily sitting beside him.
Intermediate Driver

3/4 front beauty shots of vintage cars has been a recurring theme in album art. Hot Tuna's Burgers and Detroit w/ Mitch Ryder are two examples.
Advanced Driver

Steppenwolf, "For Ladies Only", although the vehicle is inside the cover...
Intermediate Driver

Has to be "Racing Cars" Downtown Tonight. Bought it for the cover, framed it, hung it on the wall - and still have not listened to it.
Pit Crew

"Street Lethal" by "Racer X"
Pit Crew

N2Deep: Back to the Hotel.

Cut past into the search machine to see a beautiful Mopar that isn't an ABE body.
Advanced Driver

Members of the KINKS sitting on the opened doors of that 60 Buick? Hinges of 1/4 inch wall steel? No problem. My late great Uncle had a 60 88. Those doors were stout, what a cruiser. A ride in that car felt no bumps.
Pit Crew

Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen. "Country Casanova" The Big 1962 Lincoln Continental. My buddy owned one the same color that I stored in my garage for about 5 years. His 4 kids and car restoration didn't mix.