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Cars and coffee is the best: no competition, no trophies, just community

I’ve been around great cars and events for almost 50 years, but my first car (a 1951 Chevy), my first Formula 1 race (Watkins Glen, ’68), and my first cars and coffee (in 2007) are particularly vivid memories. All three involved little or no planning: I stumbled upon the Chevy when a neighbor offered it cheaply, and I decided to go to the race on two days’ notice. As for cars and coffee, I didn’t even know I was headed there when I went.


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Mr. Carini's comments about non-competing events make a lot of sense.  Competition is great, but without the "people factor"--it's only a competition of an organized collection of metal and rubber and glass (and plastic).  Feeling that the "people factor" is the glue which holds car people together, a friend and I planned to start a small group of car lovers (of a particular make).  Over 14 years later, we still are meeting, informally, helping one another with our vintage vehicles and talking about our families.  A compilation of metal and the other stuff which creates a vehicle could not have accomplished the same objective.  We measure our success by how many problems we mutually have solved so that we can continue to enjoy our vintage hobby family.

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