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Cars and coffee is the best: no competition, no trophies, just community

I’ve been around great cars and events for almost 50 years, but my first car (a 1951 Chevy), my first Formula 1 race (Watkins Glen, ’68), and my first cars and coffee (in 2007) are particularly vivid memories. All three involved little or no planning: I stumbled upon the Chevy when a neighbor offered it cheaply, and I decided to go to the race on two days’ notice. As for cars and coffee, I didn’t even know I was headed there when I went.


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Richmond, VA's Cars & Coffee is at the Regency Square Mall on the west side of Richmond.  Held every other Saturday (or at least it was until the state went into lockdown) from 0800-1000, I'm not sure what the status is currently, but am planning on trying to make the Memorial Day weekend gathering in the hopes that it's still going.  Anything and everything shows up, and there's so many Mustangs, Camaros, Challengers and various muscle cars that you can ignore them and still spend the entire morning looking at interesting, unique cars.

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