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Hagerty Employee

Cars and coffee is the best: no competition, no trophies, just community

I’ve been around great cars and events for almost 50 years, but my first car (a 1951 Chevy), my first Formula 1 race (Watkins Glen, ’68), and my first cars and coffee (in 2007) are particularly vivid memories. All three involved little or no planning: I stumbled upon the Chevy when a neighbor offered it cheaply, and I decided to go to the race on two days’ notice. As for cars and coffee, I didn’t even know I was headed there when I went.


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New Driver

With all of our local C&C events plus a Concours cancelled for almost the last 3 months, we are holding a neighborhood Cars and Coffee this weekend. Folks will park the coolest, weirdest, oldest, whatever (car, truck, motorcycle, etc) in their driveways and we'll stroll around the street to look and talk - but not touch.

Advanced Driver

Oh Wayne, Wayne, Wayne here is a dose on irony for you, the nearest Cars and Coffee to me would have been yours so sadly the nearest one is now closed. For the last two years I have been hitting the Cruse nights around Waterbury, Naugatuck, and Bethlehem on weekend evenings but I would prefer a Saturday morning event. To be honest a Saturday morning event in a home center parking lot might be perfect because what goes better with a warm weekend than working on the house and yard and using your classic to make the supply run? I really want to see a Cars & Coffee event back in Connecticut, but for now that is going to have to wait.

Intermediate Driver

I agree 100% with Wayne. We are in our sixth year of a FREE local car show in Waupun WI. Giving out random door prizes. We have been averaging about 115 cars but a lot of fun. A local non profit does the food and hope the best for the weather.  

New Driver

My first Cars and Coffee was in Grass Valley CA several years ago. My high school friend, Kerry Anderson had just finished the complete restoration of his 62 Vette. The event is held every Saturday morning in one of the local shopping center parking lot. There is even a donut shop there which is the first place we go.

Pit Crew

Richmond, VA's Cars & Coffee is at the Regency Square Mall on the west side of Richmond.  Held every other Saturday (or at least it was until the state went into lockdown) from 0800-1000, I'm not sure what the status is currently, but am planning on trying to make the Memorial Day weekend gathering in the hopes that it's still going.  Anything and everything shows up, and there's so many Mustangs, Camaros, Challengers and various muscle cars that you can ignore them and still spend the entire morning looking at interesting, unique cars.


My first was also a '51 Chevy (Bel Air 2Dr. Hardtop Conv.) - Cherry red w/white tuck and roll interior, chrome dash and window sashes, frenched headlights and taillights (Lincoln) on a radical rake with dual chrome stingers below - GMC 6 power.  A bit of a menace on the country roads in the late 50's in the SF Bay Area.  Thanks for the reminder, never miss your shows - keep 'em coming.


The Cars & Coffee in Scotts Valley (between San Jose and Santa Cruz) was also the victim of its own success; discontinued because it simply got too big. Great show. The best car show in Monterey is the Concours deLemon; free, doesn't take itself too seriously, and cars you will never see elsewhere. I refuse to go to the auctions at Monterey because I'm not about to pay $50 to sit in the cheap seats and watch rich people bid on cars.

Community Manager

I used to LOVE Cars and Coffee, it was amazing.  And then, seemingly out of nowhere, it was ruined in my city:

Pit Crew

I would like to see a C&C event (when they are allowed again) in my corner of the world. How do you get the word out without incurring potential liability? I don't want to read my name as a defendant because I was the "organizer" or "promoter" and some knucklehead injured themselves or somebody else at "my" event. I don't want to step into the event-specific insurance arena either because that opens up another can of worms. Thanks in advance. 

New Driver

Start small. Find a local venue (coffee shop, pancake house, etc.) willing to host in their lot - and make sure their insurance covers customers. Post plenty of signs about being respectful and "no burn outs."  Maybe even find an off-duty cop who's also a car nut to "monitor" the group. Make it a Facebook event once things start to grow...but a private group to control that growth.

Pit Crew

There seems to be a "Cars & Coffee" international organization based in Italy putting together events in Europe and here in Ottawa, Ontario there was a similar event which, to me, does not follow the spirit of cars and coffee activities as they are focused entirely on European exotics--if you don't have a Lamborghini or Ferrari or Bugatti you are not really welcome.  On the other hand, I have had a great time participating with my Corvette at cars and coffee events at The Elegance at Hershey, the Concours of America, and Amelia Island.  It is fun to hang out with other enthusiasts, check out some great cars, and yet not have to be there for the entire day.  Cruise nights are good for this too--let's hope we can get back to them soon!

New Driver

Why would you show a photo of a guy texting and driving?


here its all about locals.  Mostly DIY hobbyists. A few pros (most of them have track cars tho). Far from a "rich-man's show". The local business hasa lawyer make something up, we all sign (at the entrance each wk) or can't come and it is generally to build their business (a food place, market, car dealer, etc).  Nothing like the above vehicles. 30's - 90's of all descriptions. Basically 'car guys' havin a breakfast B4 or after right there at the sponsoring business, 1X a mo (same X/day).  May be 3 or 4 of them close, abt 1/2 the same guys (there are very few women) at each one seen at the other venues...

One venue is 55 yrs old. That area has all ways been a 'car spot'. Back then there were 6 or 8 drive in food spots w/the tray that they skated out with and snapped onto the door where the window was rolled down. It's still the grittier side of life there, 15 mi away is the upscale communities w/newer C & C. Most are wk nites (again to boost customers). Western MA...


We're proud to partner with Hagerty for Columbus Cars and Coffee in Columbus, Ohio! We can't wait to get our season started, there are so many amazing cars and wonderful people at every meet. 


Mr. Carini's comments about non-competing events make a lot of sense.  Competition is great, but without the "people factor"--it's only a competition of an organized collection of metal and rubber and glass (and plastic).  Feeling that the "people factor" is the glue which holds car people together, a friend and I planned to start a small group of car lovers (of a particular make).  Over 14 years later, we still are meeting, informally, helping one another with our vintage vehicles and talking about our families.  A compilation of metal and the other stuff which creates a vehicle could not have accomplished the same objective.  We measure our success by how many problems we mutually have solved so that we can continue to enjoy our vintage hobby family.