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Carburetor Basics | Kyle's Garage - Ep.24

Carburetors oftentimes get a bad rap. At their core, these air and fuel mixing devices are simple. All it takes to turn something scary-seeming into a part of your car you can confidently diagnose and repair is a bit of basic understanding. This week in the garage, I'll talk you through some basic carburetor terms to build that foundation.


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Intermediate Driver

Shut off gas supply to carb, make sure tank has fuel stabilizer in it. Drain them dry in the case of carbs with drains on the float bowl.
New Driver

Thank's for very good basic explanation. I have to ask: what's the brand of the white car in the background?

I know more than I ever want to know about carburetors. I was hooked on fuel injection on my first equipped car, a 1973 911 with K-Jetronic. A horrible system but leaps ahead of a carburator.

My current fun car has the much more advanced Motronic system that is a fine piece of engineering. The parts are easy to test and replace and they have very long and robust lives.

Carbs can find their place in the museum! I hope to never have another carbureted car. Well, maybe a nice vintage Vette...
New Driver

The choke is also very important. I know, I know, a carb will work without a choke. But if your carb has a choke, it either needs to be working properly or disabled. A flaky choke is a real problem, and they are tricky to setup. I've got a '66 Quadrajet. Setting that choke with the fast idle cam, pull-off, bi-metal strip, etc is akin to black magic.

Kyle---I love your videos! I've done much of the same thing you do but without videos. Another great thing here is that when someone approaches you with a trouble-shooting question, you don't need to go through all of the explanation--you can point the inquirer to one of your articles or videos and DONE! Thank you for taking the time to plan each of your videos so that there is no time lost having to search for words and terms! jay
Intermediate Driver

Very simplistic, easy to understand. He didn't get into the emulsion tube system used on Weber carbs. Syncing six of those, along with the Marelli ignition and wild cam is what makes working on a Ferrari 365GTB4 so much fun! LOL