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Hagerty Employee

Canada’s Pfaff Motorsports’ Porsche was destined to wear plaid

Modern race car paintwork is typically bold, aggressive, and, more often than not, forgettable. Most contemporary liveries are more reflective of the racing endeavour’s funding sources than of any genuine artistry; despite the best intentions of their graphic artists, many unfortunate race cars resemble discarded Affliction t-shirts.


In the cold and calculated business environment of today's motorsports, the interests of a team's marketing partners and sponsors come before those of the people behind the wheel or the pit wall. Even so, sometimes entirely by accident, a team can end up with a livery that does more than stick in the memory of the team spotter—it resonates with fans around the world.


That’s exactly what happened with "the plaid Porsche," the current fan favourite of IMSA.


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That is flannel not plaid eh! Girly men wear plaid Canadians wear flannals!

Take off you hoser!





Community Manager

Side note: Apparently flannel is a fabric, plaid is a pattern.


So unless that Porsche is wrapped in cotton...


Keep that authentic CanCon coming, Brian.

Intermediate Driver

Working on quite a bit! Stay tuned!
Pit Crew

Plaid shirts in Ontario, where Pfaff resides, are known as Muskoka Dinner Jackets. Please update your files. Thank you.

Pit Crew

👍Alternatively, Kenora Dinner Jackets.

Love it!!!!  Bring on the Plaid.  In fact; where does a guy get one of those shirts?  Being from Minnesota, I've been known to wear a flannel or two over the years.  Some of which were also Plaid.  Since I'm not Scottish, ( I am Swedish, Norwegian, German French and Irish) I tend to avoid the whole plaid thing, but once in a while it works.