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Canada's best-kept automotive secret is this climatic wind tunnel

I like to think I’ve got my finger on the pulse of cool car culture and industry in my part of Canada. Heck, I competed in my first sanctioned race at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (née Mosport) in the early '90s and have taught right seat and trackside for decades. Most of my friends are either in the business of cars or downright car-crazy.


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Replies (3)

Replies (3)

Awesome stuff, and I don't even have to turn in any reports, I can just nod wisely during the parts I cannot understand.


" ace up its sleeve".  Really?  Most journalists who would revert to such an awful, obvious pun do so with a nod and a wink, if they dare at all.

Intermediate Driver

When I first read this; I read "Climactic Wind Tunnel"...  I thought hmmm...  That's sort of final and single use...  Does it explode in the end?  Then the other side of the brain caught up and, 'click', on went the 40 watt bulb.  🙂  Climatic, now that make much more sense.  Sure, it's not as dramatic as a Climactic Wind Tunnel, nor does it give one the interesting internal visuals that a fertile mind can conjure up, with just a slight mishear (or misread) of a word, but it's more useful and probably user friendly.  

What a difference a letter can make!

Pit Crew