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Can this man save Pininfarina?

“Italian design is light, lightness,” says Paolo Pininfarina as he walks us through the headquarters of the company his grandfather founded. “Simple, essential, elegant, novel. But, more than all, light.”


Paolo Pininfarina is the fourth member of his family to run the business founded by his grandfather; Paolo’s father, Sergio, and brother, Andrea, preceded him, before their deaths. And though the company has been majority-owned by the Indian industrial conglomerate Mahindra since 2015, the role and legacy of the Pininfarinas remain key as the firm, following a separation from Ferrari, faces the daunting challenge of expanding its reach beyond its roots in the auto industry ... Read the full article on



Does anybody really care anymore? Designed the Allanté, owned by Mahindra, it's already dead in my eyes. They had great successes, and some real turds. Like with Ghia, does it matter to many, any?  


In a small way, the 1959 Ferrari 250 GT Pininfarina reminds me of the early Ford Thunderbird.

New Driver

Well, I looked up the "Battista" and it looked like a mash of a bunch of current cars on the road (good luck with that at $2.5 million).  The most interesting part of this article to me was that it confirmed my own observations that some of the more recent designs done by Pininfarina for Ferrari paled in comparison to their earlier work----apparently Ferrari felt this way, too).


/s/ Chris Kennedy


My favorite part of the article was seeing how they loaded the cars in the jumbo air liner.  Imagine if one of those had gone down!!!!


Farina could teach American designers everything about automotive design. With the exception of very few examples American concepts are atrocious. 


I really think Pininfarina had some of the most beautiful designs, The Ferraris from the late 50's thru the late 90's are my favorites.   The GTO (as shown above) the lowly 308, 328, Testarosa, F-40, 550/575 were just beautiful cars, something the eye could appreciate.  Then in the mid 2000's they started to get odd proportions, they no longer screamed Beautiful.  Granted the Allante looked a lot like an Eldorado, and I always thought it was a plain looking car to come from Italy, Almost like they looked at other GM offerings and said, yeah, we can make a car that looks like that...  But for the most part they have done a great job for beautiful designs

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Modern engineering and technology has done wonders for performance and handling but the 'art' of automotive design has foundered - too dependent on computers, those CAD files can't compete with a talented designer from the '60's.

Community Manager

It has nothing to do with computers and tech, and almost everything to do with safety standards (occupants and pedestrians). 

New Driver

It is my opinion that if Ferrari and Pininfarina got together and offered reproductions of the Berlinetta Lusso or, for that matter, any other classic designs, they would sell out faster than any of the 'modern" and all look alike newer models. And, they would cost a great deal less than the modern ones as they would be far simpler to construct and maintain. Of course they might only be able to do 165mph, bit for consumers, that seems to not be a terrible misfortune...

Intermediate Driver

There is no doubt that Pininfarina designed Ferraris is where is at. The newer Ferraris are all starting to look the same and in my opinion they are all quite boring. With that said I think Pinifarina, a 90 years old design company, should probably stick to classically styled, gasoline powered, manual transmission niche supercars. Diversify into all kinds of designs but when it comes to cars offer something that none of the usual suspects is offering. It is not like we need another souless paddle flapping techno rocket...  


The Ferrari 360 was a Pininfarina masterwork


Battista and Sergio Pininfarina were both inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame in 2004 and 2007 respectively. Thanks to their leadership, the Italian automotive industry will always be known for producing fast, luxurious, and iconic cars.