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Hagerty Employee

Can this home-built 4x4 Corvair wagon conquer the Rubicon Trail? | Hagerty Media

Even 60-odd years later, the Chevrolet Corvair remains an impressive feat of engineering. Taking one down the Rubicon Trail, however, sounds like pure insanity. Matt Winder has no such reservations with his Corvair, but his Lakewood wagon is far from stock.
Intermediate Driver

Nice to see Matt's Offroad Recovery YouTube channel getting some advertisement! It's a great family friendly show. One correction though, is that I'm fairly certain his last name is Wetzel even though he's the owner of Winder Towing.
Intermediate Driver

Of course the Cherokee has a solid axle; they all did from that era. The Tacoma is notable because it's got an SAS up front but it isn't part of the team, it belongs to Paul of FabRats. Great YouTube channel BTW, check it out! Matt's Off Road Recovery. Wholesome, nice people running a towing and recovery business in southwest Utah. It's worth watching just for the drone shots.