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Callaway might be known for Corvettes, but its spicy Mk. 1 VW GTI remains one hot hatch

Almost 40 years after its release the Volkswagen Rabbit GTI is having a resurgence—or should we call it “The Rabbit-issance”? That’s terrible. I’m sorry.


We first took notice back in September when an original-owner example with 100,000 miles sold for $33,000, breaking the record for a Mk. I GTI sold at auction. Since then, several Mk. I GTIs have sold for north of $20K. This phenomenon isn’t limited to North America, either: In February, one sold for $30K at Retromobile in Paris. Now, this 19K-mile 1983 Rabbit GTI Callaway Turbo sold for $38,000. What gives?


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Had a '77 Rabbit in baby poo brown that I GTI'd, sort of.  Bilsteins, biggest Phoenix Stahlflex tires that would fit, sway bars.  Kamei front air dam, and hatch lip.  Painted the 13" wheels and bumpers body color, and semi-gloss black around the rear window.  Still slow, but boy, could it handle.  Loved that car.  Oh, and a golf ball shift knob, gotta have that.

Pit Crew