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California Route 66 Museum fights to survive coronavirus, avoid closure

The way Sue Bridges sees it, the bad news is also the good news. Bridges, director of the California Route 66 Museum, may be scrambling to keep the museum afloat, but she knows she’s not alone. So she’s trying to stay positive.


“A lot of businesses are hurting right now. We aren’t the only ones,” Bridges says, referring to the havoc created by the coronavirus pandemic. “It’s just a tough situation, especially for non-profits. We need to be open to keep things going—and even then the traffic has been slow.”


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Shouldn't that be 85 miles east of Los Angeles?

Community Manager

Oh boy, you are right!  Thanks for the correction, I am fixing it now! 

Pit Crew

If they can last until November 5th, COVID, like Ebola, will disappear.


Shouldn't they qualify for the government PPP program to cover the employees wages and rents etc. 


as new generations come of age we of the oldest generation become less and less important to the many horse drawn wagon/carriages do you now support.  Yes it is important to remember history (correctly), but at some point we just become the dust of the distant past.

Pit Crew

Do they have a PayPal account to take donations?

Pit Crew

Yes they do. It's mentioned near the end of the article.