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California police recover multiple caches of stolen catalytic converters, arrest 22 | Hagerty Media

As the theft of catalytic converters rises across the country, let's hear it for the good guys. Last week, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department arrested 19 people and recovered $750,000 worth of catalytic converters after serving warrants at four different locations.
Hagerty Fan
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Yep...been going on for years and not just on the west coast. Trucks are a favorite target in my area as they’re abundant, often have two converters and their height gives the thieves easier access.
Nothing new other than the scope of this case.
But maybe California should be consistent in their logic and outlaw cordless tools. Who needs a high capacity ratchet or a hacksaw that goes full-auto? 🤔

Intermediate Driver

Never ceases to amaze me the depths criminals go to trying to make a buck,get a job.have a hard time feeling sorry for the guy the car fell on.