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Hagerty Employee

Cadillac's next-gen CT6 is testing in the U.S., but will it be sold here?

Though production of the CT6 ended in February of 2020 after only five model years, a new generation of Cadillac's flagship sedan has been spotted prowling around Detroit under heavy camo. It's possible, however, that this modern-day riff on the traditional Cadillac formula is returning only only for certain foreign markets, like China.

At this point in time, "Cadillac" means huge SUV's to most citizenry.
The venerable Sedans and Coupes of yore are disappearing from our roadways faster than from the memories of younger folk. What a shame.

In its long history, the Cadillac brand has brought more advances than nearly every other marque.
Comfort and power were always hallmarks, but did you know that the first "self-starter", (our starter motors,) appeared in a Cadillac?
It was due to a tragedy befalling a close friend of a Cadillac exec, caused by an engine backfire shooting the starting crank into the friend's jaw. He died from it.

So many milestones, and we're now mostly left with hulking behemoths sporting Antoine de la Mothe's crest.
Pit Crew

This Caddy NOT AVAILABLE in US? For Shame!!!!! I have a 19 V, what Fantastic auto.