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Cadillac forgoes a retro naming system for “-iq” suffixes

Cadillac has finally explained the nomenclature that will replace its current alphanumeric designations. The short story? There is indeed a method to the madness, but that method won’t be the least bit retrospective. Beginning with the Lyriq, Cadillac’s electric crossover that debuts next month, all Cadillacs will bear names ending in -iq.


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Replies (3)

Replies (3)

We can be pretty certain that whalesong, joss sticks, and copious quantities of chardonnay were involved. So, from here on, it is decreed that all Cadillacs will be iqky.


Car-naming migraines got you down? 4 of 5 doctors recommend iq


I thought Mercedes was the most musical appearance brand? Pretty sure rap put Mercedes over the edge by a wide margin...


If all future Cadillacs are going to be ick that is a bad foreshadowing.


I can concede the point of not rehashing old names, unless you are living up to that iconic name with a product that is still truly an Eldorado, etc. (follow the Charger name for example... I think modern ones do follow it well enough, but the in between years not so much).


Anyways... the people responsible for this iq madness should be fired and replaced with an autogenerating computer program that uses French and Spanish words for exotic locales and fancy things.  In fact, fancy in Spanish is "Lujoso" according to google and that sounds a lot better than Lyriq.