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Cadillac CT4-V and CT5-V Blackwing waiting game ends February 1 | Hagerty Media

Fans eagerly awaiting the debuts of the track-baddie Caddies will finally reach peak gratification on February 1. At least that's what Cadillac aims to achieve, when it finally showcases its snarly high-powered Blackwing variants of the CT4- and CT5-Vs via livestream-7 p.m. Eastern on Twitter and Cadillac's website.

Best wishes, and hope it's a good roll-out. Once the old N* engine was ironed out, the STS-V was quite a potent runner for a largermediate sized sedan. With Ford killing off the supply of 400HP Lincoln replacements when mine gets long in the tooth, these may be an option. The origami body style is getting really dated after what seems like 2 decades, but if they put the money saved into performance and build quality, could be a winner.
Intermediate Driver

Hell yeah let’s gooo