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Hagerty Employee

C9 Corvette: Pondering the next generation of an American legend

The C8-generation Corvette's shift to a mid-engine layout was the biggest transformation in the sports car's storied history and, for me, the culmination of decades reporting and advocacy. A tough act to follow in other words. Yet the C9 Corvette, already in the works, will bring a change far more dramatic: electric propulsion.
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Pit Crew

Nice - if your gloves are wet, you can stick them in the glove box and microwave them dry. Great after taking all of the snow off of the car.
Intermediate Driver

These braking systems are still quite dangerous. Be careful. Don't rely on them.
New Driver

I'm 73 my grandson is 19. I drive a '36 ford Cabriolet and '50 Pontiac Silver Streak. My grandson drives a 4 banger turbo Camaro, he loves this Corvette idea. Just throw some dirt on me and use my rumble seat as a headstone. I'm leaving him my VHS copy of American Graffiti.
New Driver

No matter how hard I try I can't get past the feeling when driving an EV that I'm behind the wheel of nothing more than an over engineered clad lathered golf cart ....Fore!!!
Pit Crew

You will be driving an iPad.
Pit Crew

Hate to break it to folks but it's inevitable. But not with today's battery designs. Doesn't matter which manufacturer you refer to, they are all staking their ground in EVs because they think the SSB cells will be production ready within the next decade.
New Driver

I'm confident an electric Vette will be a fabulous car a decade from now, but I sure hope that it doesn't look anything like the sporty little two door Prius in the renderings. That side view is awful and the 3/4 rear is some sort of retro-hellscape.
No thanks.
Back to the drawing board Mr. Ito!
Intermediate Driver

The average age of the Corvette owner is 61 years old, how many of those 61 year is waiting in the wings for an electric C9? My guess is very few.


New Driver

The arrival of an electric Vette will trigger the end of the marque. Corvette has a small but loyal audience that values muscle and sound. The addition of E lovers will not offset the exodus of the ICE devotees.

Far and away Pete Brock's sketches are the most attractive. Still a master!
Intermediate Driver

The split rear window is too small. If it were a single glass, it is too small. The pointy rear fenders? No! Over all pretty nice looking. Would I buy one? No! Will someone buy one? sure. My plan is to die without ever owning an EV.
Pit Crew

Like it or not?

I don’t like it.
Intermediate Driver

All this moaning and groaning about electric. If you haven't driven an electric car, just do it. Sitting in your chair, typing on a phone or tablet, complaining about the death of the ICE? Until you try driving an electric you're just Grampa Simpson, yelling at clouds.

I’ve driven the majority…once past the amazing off the line torque, they are just boring, soulless appliances…It’s more fun to drive a slow car fast, than a fast car slow.

As Long as I'm alive I'll be maintaining my old ICE vehicles for a simple and special reason. None of them came std. with a black box. That means no one but me knows my vehicle's throttle position, gear selection, eng speed, ground speed, miles driven, destination as to where those miles lead or what talk show I listen to on the radio. No possible way for the USSA gov. to charge me for miles driven. Yes Uncle Scam will make your miles driven taxable.
Advanced Driver

"Yes, it’s a ways off, but we’re betting that some of our dream will come true by the time the clock strikes 2030."

Dreams for some are anametha to others. That is how it should be. We are not all animatrons.
However, I am skeptical about electric cars, and no one seems inclined to address my concerns. I view them as reasonable. They can all be addressed without being negative.

Politicians are adept at addressing needs without solutions. This is what we have with electric cars. Pollution-free, guilt-free. "Free". Truly the author's dreams are coming true.

Yet no one addresses where the power comes from. Is it really pollution-free?

No one addresses the costs of delivery of that power. Will existing infrastructure be able to handle what I foresee as a significant increase in demand?

No one addresses the availability of charging stations. Not to mention what appears to be the development of numerous different connections to the car.

No one addresses the length of time it takes to get to that fully-charged 450 mile range.

No one addresses the range loss that occur when temperatures hit 100+ for thirty days in Texas. AC anyone?

No one addresses the costs to people of fewer means than the readers of this publication.

I put 208,000+ miles on a CTS V. I replaced the starter at 207,000 miles. I sold it because I was afraid of the longevity of the supercharger. - I put 175,000 miles on a first gen CTS V. I replaced nothing. - I put 235,000 miles on a Suburban. I replaced nothing. I have 188,000 miles on a Yukon. I replaced shocks and an air compressor for the rear shocks so far. I have had others in excess of 300,000 miles with reasonable repairs on everything but the motor.

There are others. The point is being that everything is **bleep**s and giggles with electric.

I get that something must be done about ICE. I get that I am an ICE guy. I am old enough that I may never own an electric car. I love extended road trips. Two th three weeks at a time.

Who is solving problems on the other side of the electric car development, production, and capability? Few are even addressing the questions. Fewer still are explaining them.

Pit Crew

I've always liked Corvettes since the first ones I saw as a kid in the sixties and my favorite is STILL the first Stingray split-window or convertible.

That said, I love a few of the other iterations along the way.

But this design you just came up with?
Well, I like most of it just fine being that I can't see it from all angles and it is only a drawing, BUT...

I HATE, yes HATE, those two, pointy, flat appendages on the rear!!!!

Really dumb looking and would be subject to a LOT of errosion from road crap (gravel, sand, rocks, etc) AND also be very easily SNAPPED OFF in even a minor rear-end accident (which we ALL know occur WAY more often than to other parts of the car!).

Just sayin...
New Driver

I love the idea of a Corvette that does not use fossil fuel. However, I think the battery driven Corvette is a mistake.

I would love to have seen a hydrogen fuel cell car proposed by GM; like the ones I saw being offered at SEMA by Toyota and Honda. Once again, like with air bags and hybrids, the Japanese lead the way.

To me, H-fuel cells are the future of the generation of both electricity and propulsion without the HUGE problems associated with rare-earth batteries. And we can make H for free!

Put 400 sq. miles of solar voltaic cells in the dunes outside of Yuma, AZ. Use the electricity generated to pump and 'crack' water from the Colorado.

Use the H to power our power plants, homes, cars and whatever we burn fossil fuels for now. Use the existing NG pipeline network to send it all over the US. Use the existing gas stations to pump it into the tank or fuel up at home.

THis tech send men to the moon and returns them home. It would work.

We just have to convince the big players to engage?

Intermediate Driver

I respectfully hope that the real Corvette designers will look at these sketches and use them to determine what NOT to do!
New Driver

I am a friend of Dick Ruzzin and have had several exchanges with him so have the ultimate respect for his ability and his designs are second to none.
While these new body designs are OK....they seem to be putting the cart before the horse. Why are we making a new body design based on old ICE "parts" locations. A ICE means we will have a compeltely different shape of motor, with different weight and dimensions. The radiator is not required so take advantage of that to gain better aero and weight distribution. The battery is not just tossed into the car but becomes a major be nefit of using it for best weight distribution and certainly a flat enclosed car bottom will give better aero.
Finally as a big proponennt of light cars (my own current sports car is an ALFA Romeo 4C) It really bothers me that each new car adds a lot more bulk and size that is mandated by all the additional "features" they add. I would much prefer a less powerful but lighter and more nimble smaller sports car design. i don't understand why there is a big push for lots of HP in a car that can give you 0-to lose-your -license in 2 seconds. A properly designed nimble lighter car is such a delight for the 99.99% that never take their car to LeMans or Daytona.
As to hybrids....that is a possiblity but with a "parts" list that is changing from ICE to EV to hybrid....having to be able to stuff all those combinations into one fixed body style is going to again result in a porker with too many concessions.
Also....why would you want a manual with third pedal on an EV? Nostalgia? Maybe they could put the engine starting crank back on the front also 😉
Pit Crew

Youre RIGHT!! lighter, nimble, peppy cars are MORE FUN than a powerful but heavy SLED!!
Guess what!? SHHHH!!! Dont tell anyone...
But my first car was a used '69 rear-engine, Fiat 850 Spider. And although it DEFINITELY lacked for power, it was a BLAST to drive, being nimble and responsive!
And yes, it wasn't real reliable but that taught me how to troubleshoot and repair cars!
Over the years, I stayed hooked on Italian cars except for my trucks, and now? 46 years later? Except for my Xterra, I own one of the first 2012 Abarth 500 pocket rockets (talk about AGILE and QUICK!), a 2016 9spd, 4dr 500X AND... I still have a Classic '74 124 Spider, Ive driven a classic Spider over 400,000 miles in my life (so far). And yes, Ive got my Mirai fuel cell vehicle! lol
But my most RECENT acquisition? It's one of the most futuristic, timeless, stylish, best-handling designs ever built!
Its a 1982 1500cc, fuel-injected, Fiat X1/9 designed by Bertone. The EPITOMY of nimble with it's Formula 1 Mid-engine layout and the EPITOMY of aerodynamic style with its wedge shaped design.
Plenty peppy, but not powerful...
But a TOTAL BLAST to drive!! And reliability?
They'll routinely go 130 to 170,000 with the ORIGINAL clutch disc, PP, tranny and engine (with only a valve-job along the way).

How many cars can say THAT??
But wait! That's not all!
HERE'S the other amazing thing!
While you're taking off full-bore from every stop-light as you gear-up to the speed limit? You can STILL easily get 32mpg (yeah! in the city)! And on the highway? 37mpg in a solidly-built, 2000lb car, with only a 1.5L engine running on 1970's technology!?!? TRULY amazing and SOOO FUN to drive!!
I am literally grinning ear-to-ear every time I drive it.
And the young kids born after 1985? They all say: "Wow what IS that!? Is it new!? I want one!!" LOL
lighter, well-designed, peppy cars can't be beat!! 😁 lol
Still want a '63 split-window Stingray though...
New Driver

That is one butt ugly rendering. One can;t take all of the uglies from past Corvettes, stick them together and call it a futuristic design.

One good thing about being older(and there aren't many)is I won't have to deal with it. Sure I could go for an electric around town car, as long as I have my Mustang GT in the garage.
Pit Crew

I wrote this in response to someone who said that those of us who are poo pooing electric vehicles ought to just go DRIVE ONE.

WELL... I OWN ONE, and still prefer driving a manual-shift, gas-powered vehicle!

So... If you are one of those "electric whiners," I think you'll enjoy my reply... lol

I love sports cars! Shifting, cornering, all of it. I put up with automatics, but do love them when Im stuck in stop-and-go traffic cus you can relax and wait and push the go pedal.

But I DO,. OWN,. AND DRIVE A ROCKET FUEL HYBRID (Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle). Why? Cus I always wanted to be an astronaut and grew up with the space program.

Now I can drive a car powered by Rocket fuel and using that exact same NASA technology!
From the day I test drove it, it was so boring to drive!! I love what is making it go and how it makes it's own electricity!! But it's still an automatic transmission car for all practical purposes. Boring, but comfy and quiet. But so what!? My SUV crossover with a 9speed automatic (my daily driver, multipurpose vehicle) is gasoline powered and JUST as quiet as the electric!!! AND... I can at least CHOOSE to manually shift those 9 speeds if I desire or need to!

I appreciate the torque of an electric. But DRIVING is NOT about pushing a "go pedal"!!!

Actual "DRIVING" is about precision, moment by moment decisions, inputs and corrections with throttle, gear selection, brakes and steering...
And even THAT is kinda boring on a straight road!!!!!!
Hills and curves... THAT is real driving! Thank GOD HIMSELF for scenery and MUSIC (yes, music came from God as did the talent to imagine, build and play instruments, write songs and sing)!!!!!
Without scenery and music, the straight sections would be unbearable!!!!! lol

Automatics are bad enough!!! Electrics are WORSE cus they don't have any range for long trips and take too long to charge up (not to mention harm the environment cus you have to MAKE that electricity)!

Fuel cell cars refuel fast and give no emissions and make their OWN electricity but even THEY harm the environment cus you need electricity to make the hydrogen!

Notice a trend here? NOTHING is for free!! There is no way to power a vehicle without affecting the environment, NONE. Nope, not even solar cus you still have to manufacture those toxic batteries to store the power, by mining the minerals needed to make the batteries and then burning fuels to power the plants that make the batteries and the car!!

It's time people got off this "high horse" about zero carbon ANYTHING! It's so stupid! YOU... and I are not zero carbon cus we BREATHE!!! and guess what?
Neither is the PLANET!! Actual, real scientists KNOW THAT!!! it's not about ZERO anything!! It's about maintaining the proper BALANCE.

OUR impact? Our impact is PART of what makes the planet healthy, IF we maintain the right balance.

Not throw everything down the toilet if it's not somebody's idea of "clean"!!
REAL science knows exactly what the balance is about. But those voices are all SILENCED and SUPPRESSED by the planet crazies who (like all extremists), go WAY too far in only ONE direction to the demise of all else... They? They lack that balance that the planet needs, that the human race needs...
to survive!
just sayin...

OH!!! I gotta GO!!
Time to downshift to a lower gear...
Pit Crew

Agree with you 100%!!!
Intermediate Driver

I'm sorry but a Corvette with no V8 rumble is not a Corvette. The designs aren't great and do not stir my soul like previous ones. I'm another one that is happy that I will not be around to see all electric vehicles. They are a joke right now with limited range and not nearly enough charging stations for the vehicles already on the road. Just before I retired every day all the charging stations at the employee parking were always in use so if I had been driving an EV I would have been out of luck. I travel by car a lot to enjoy the driving and scenery and I look for charging stations and they are non-existent other than in metro areas. An EV will never excite the senses like an ICE!

Gotta believe the last ICE vehicles at GM will be HD trucks, not Vettes.
As far as potential C9 styling goes, not a fan of either study - nor any Corvette since the ‘73 C3 tbh - but it will be what it will be and folks will buy it because it offers what Corvette has always offered: value-based performance that its competitors can’t touch.
Don’t count me as an intender for a BEV Vette however. While I concede that it will offer better performance in some measures than its ICE counterpart - I’ve owned a BEV vehicle so know this for a fact - I’m an ICE guy. I like the sound hundreds of tiny explosions every second make; I like controlling a gearbox; I like the feeling of responsiveness that is lost in 1,200 pounds of batteries.
I too have serious doubts about our infrastructure’s ability to accommodate an all-BEV future by 2035, but the issue is kind of like the C9’s styling: it will be what it will be and there’s not a damn thing any of us individually can do to influence it.
Intermediate Driver

Elon Musk probably said it best that the electric grid could not support an all electric car charging needs. With the closing down of coal plants and the insane reliance of wind and solar I see no real reliable source of electric being "built back better" to met the needs of the grand EV plan. As far as Corvettes go it may well be a great engineering exercise but will the novelty wear off? Exotics like Bugatti or Lambos etc are for a certain type of buyer but does the Corvette have to follow that type design? I don't know why manufacturers are so hot on EV cars when the infrastructure is hardly looking to meet the needs of normal drivers.
New Driver

In the immortal words of Dr. Farnsworth, I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
New Driver

I'll paraphrase Dennis Leary here.
according to the left's plan, I'm the enemy. Cause I like to think, I like to read. I'm into freedom of speech and freedom of choice. I'm the kind if guy who wants to sit in a greasy spoon and think, "Gee, should I have the T-bone steak or the jumbo rack of barbecued ribs with the side order of gravy fries?" I want high cholesterol. I want to eat bacon, butter and buckets of cheese, okay? I want to smoke a Cuban cigar the size of Cincinnati in a non-smoking section. I wanna run through the streets naked with green Jello all over my body reading Playboy magazine. Why? Because I suddenly might feel the need to. Okay, pal? I've seen the future, you know what it is? It's a 47-year-old virgin sittin' around in his beige pajamas, drinking a banana-broccoli shake singing "I'm an Oscar-Meyer Wiener
New Driver

There was a retro design for the corvette about 6 years ago utilizing the 63 split window look. It was a blend of the 63 split window and European styling. I was ready to buy a new corvette till I found out GM passed on the design for whatever reason. So while Camaro and Mustang got a decent retro design Corvette went with the bat mobile. I still say Corvettes weak link is the styling. And the fact that this electric prototype is incorporating the 63 split window is proof a lot of people were in favor of bringing it back.
New Driver

My strong opinion is politicians and manufacturers are at least 10-20 years premature with all of the EV proclamations. No need to go into the factors that form my opinion - if you’ve read this story and are here in the comment area you are aware of those factors. The big wild card is solid-state batteries. 3,200 lbs for the C9? Solid-state batteries must be assumed. I am pretty sure the Corvette faithful want to hear the engine of their C8, C9. I can believe a hybrid might fly with the faithful, but all electric? The used market for Corvettes will truly be sizzling then.
Pit Crew

I think many of the others have expressed the "I just don't get it" attitude. And I agree with them. EV's are 'supposed' to help save the environment from the evils of 'too much CO2'. And yet, not one of the promoters of EV's supports nuclear power. You can't get enough from solar, so that leaves us coal, natural gas and hydro to generate electricity. I'm a fly fisherman. That means I like water, and I don't like wasting it--like letting it run out of dams just so Ms Green can go to the market in her oh-so-pc EV. And I haven't even mentioned the problems with pollution relative to making and recycling batteries, and our overall lagging battery technology. Yes, I agree, the EV train is definitely coming down the track...but it's going to run out of juice at some point.
Regarding the Vette, I'm yawning...all it is is a glorified slot car....
Intermediate Driver

The timing for an electric C9, fits perfectly with both the evolving EV’s and the Corvette marque. These concepts shown are simply ideas, meant to inspire lively discussion and a potential design direction. Besides, why couldn’t a Corvette be a hybrid initially, then transition to full EV? Or offer both? It’s exciting to imagine the possibilities, and GM is doing just that. I can’t wait.

Here the deal. There are a ton of lies and miss information on both sides of this EV argument. I see it here and all over the web. 

The truth is the BEV is going to be a growing segment and the migration over will be over 20 years not 4-5. 

We must understand that while GM will offer up to 30 EV models globally by 2025 they are not cutting 30 ICE vehicles at the same time. 

Right now EV is mot for everyone but over time it will be a viable option to most and as they transition over the ICE cars will decline. 

The Billions of investment all automakers are making is their commitment to this change over.


ICE development is getting more and more expensive. Years ago a V8 Chevybwas a cheap and easy build and sell. Today we have 3. Cylinder Turbos with auto stop, cylinder drop and many other annoying tricks just to meet CAFE and Emissions. That is not only bringing in the extra cost of CARB.


People do not want Spark sized cars and they really don’t want the ever increasing costs. 

Batteries right now are a big deal not just for cars but for computers, phones and many other things in our society today. There is a ton of development in them and they are getting cheaper lighter and smaller. This will lead to vehicles of the size we want with charge times compared to a fill of gas and less weight. 

Just look at the lap tops and cell phones from 20 years ago vs today and you will see the gains over what we have today. 

Not only batteries but software will change the ability of the batteries too. 

Some are even working on 2 speed transmissions that will permit smaller batteries but longer ranges. One company is working on making body panels hold a charge. 

This is a very emotional topic with enthusiast. This leads to people being in denial or parroting the miss information out there. 

I have had to keep up on this as I make my living from racing parts. My future to adapt to this is key because this is how I pay my bills like many others in the performance industry. 

The story on this site of AEM putting a Tesla drive in a Mustang is only the start. Many others are doing similar work as we all know where this is going. 

As for the Corvette aC9 speculation is a bit premature as even GM at this point is still in the exploration of a future model not even close to a business case. Most mfgs are still feeling around to what they would like to do and just where the tech is when they need to do it. 

Please do some real research on what mfgs of cars and parts are really doing and you will see just where things are today. 

Pit Crew

Time to retire the Corvette if it becomes all electric. I saw an electric "427" Cobra at car show last year. At least 50% of the reason you buy a Cobra is the sound, and the big engine Corvettes are not far behind. GM just needs to make another people mover like Ford's electric Mustang and retire the Corvette name...

The more you overthink the plumbing the easier it is to stop up the drain....... Sacrilegious at best.

Yea, Yea , but Hillbilly flames and punk ass spoilers and excessive rear wheel negative camber just don`t cut it on EV`s

I'm turning 70 on May 3rd. I'm diving my last Vette until I'm too old to get in and out of it. I just hope to live long enough to see the day when the C8's overly chiseled body design is scrapped. I'm not filthy rich, but if I wanted to drive a European sports car, I would buy one. The current Corvette styling is akin to the proposed fake manual transmission on the C9...Ridiculous.
Pit Crew

No to the body design and NO to an electric Corvette! That's sacrilege!

If electric ever becomes my only option, I'll buy used! 


My fear is this for the classic cars. 

They already are upping the ethanol content to their fuels to where it is destructive to the fuels systems and engines of older cars. Also the oils today are already damaging to flat tapper cams. I am using a racing oil now to preserve my cam. 

Europe is fast becoming anti classic or older car. It is a matter of time that thinking takes hold here. 

We all now should begin to fight for our cars but it could end up like things in Canada. 

Many companies are not speaking up as they are afraid of being canceled in the media. 

Porsche is working on synthetic fuel but that is going to be very expensive. 

This is a much bigger deal than just getting mad at GM and saying I am just going to drive classics. 

Again we all must get over the emotional value here and think practically and be aware exactly what is really going on. 

If you dig deeper this all leads to geo political globalization that reaches even deeper than just our cars. Things like May go as far as how warm or cold you keep your home. Autonomous driving could be used for where and when you go some place. 

Being told to mask up and get a jab is small compared to where much is going. 

I am  not anti vaxx but what they did to the truckers was criminal in Canada. 

Things are going to be much tougher than if my Corvette is electric. 

Intermediate Driver

"C9 Corvette: Pondering the next generation of an American legend." This will happen in time as long as Democrats and the government stay out of the way and let the free market decide. Government forcing the introduction of EVs by cutting off US production of oil & gas, which now happening by the high gas prices, shows the consumer will suffer ever higher prices paid for any car new cars.
Intermediate Driver

This is a follow-up to what I posted above: “Free people are not equal. Equal people are not free.” --- "If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools." – Plato

We went a long time since the 70’s where elections changed the emission rules. 

That unfortunately no longer works as automakers can no longer keep changing plans for every 4 years depending on who gets elected president. 


Today they must look 10-20 years out now and spread the changes over time just to afford the changes. Automakers are to the point where financially they have had to make a decision for their own economic survival. 

The change to EV was investigated at first to meet emissions with the use of battery and hybrids but today it is pure economics. 

They are out not yo save the planet but to save the companies from economic collapse. The average price of a car is now at over $40k and there are less and less buyers in the market for new cars. The hope is with EV they have it estimated that it will hold the line or help reduce the costs so cars can remain affordable. 

It is not only the federal regulations but the number of states adopting California CARB regulations. It is no longer 49 state regulations as a number of states are using CARB numbers which are even more difficult to reach. 

The globalist involved with our government have taken a number of our freedoms and it is only going to get worse. I have out lined now activist hired at the EPA have tried to change the interpretation on laws passed by the government to meet their agendas. 

The things we have seen with the truckers is only a small hint at all that is going on that is not reported by a number of media outlets. 

I am not a big political guy and hate to bring it to my hobby but my work and hobby are under threat. In fighting for the RPM act I have met with House members from congress and even our governor. Two people I never expected to see standing at my desk. 

Nissan just announced a big change. Toyota has made the announcement in December. Ford, Bentley, Lamborghini, Dodge, GM, BMW, Benz, Hyundai, Honda and about every other significant name has announced their intentions to transfer over to EV products over time. 

Time lines are fluid but they all are going the same direction. More will have to partner to make it happen as they lack the money even for the EV change let alone to keep ICE able to meet new regulations. 

When Honda goes to GM for EV help to save money is a strong signal how tough this deal is. 

We all need to stop bringing gut check emotional and see just what really is going on. 

New Driver

It all sounds great until I read the weight of the C9 E-vette of 3200 lbs. Really?
Based upon the battery technology of a lithium-sulfur battery from a small startup company

How many startup companies begin with lofty ideas only to be crushed by lack of funds, scale or an idea or concept the proves to be impossible to manufacture or sell at a competitive price.

I'm not buying the weight prediction of the C9.
Intermediate Driver

Despite not being a fan of electric vehicles, I do think it has potential and is very well designed. My major con cern about EV's are the batteries, and the disposition of them in the future.
Intermediate Driver

This design should be the Zora...with the LT6 engine and motors. Would be a fitting exit to the last and best ICE and it's short life.
Intermediate Driver

The design I am referring to is the one with the split window. I notice no mention of a ZR1. I had thought that maybe that ZR1 model could have the NA LT6 and electric motors to come up to over 830hp. There are thoughts that in that event, a Zora could actually be the first EV Corvette with a different body bridging over to the C9. I would hope that the C8 would continue longer. GM has plenty of vehicles to turn into EV's to push onto the public who are less than old school performance oriented.
New Driver

An electric Corvette, Really! Like James Bond in Die Another Day it’s time to let it go. Go out on top before you totally destroy a great thing.