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C8 Corvette frunks are popping open on the road, and Chevy has an idea why

There’s nothing more challenging than change, and for Corvette disciples, no change to America’s sports car has been greater than the move to a mid-engine platform. As they rack up the miles, many Corvette owners find themselves wondering whether the the mid-engine platform means that everything operates differently—including, it appears, the front trunk. The frunk, as it’s better known, has become something of a sticking point in NHTSA complaints for the new C8 Corvette, with owners reporting that the frunks are blowing open while driving. The common theme is that the owner was driving down the roads at a “prudent” pace, usually on surface streets and not on freeways, when the frunk popped open shortly after departure.


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Maybe they should have gone with a front-hinged frunk lid if nobody knew how to design a positive latch? There's a lot of other vehicles out there (Chevy and others) whose "front covers" aren't blowing open, hard for me to blame the drivers on this one.