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Hagerty Employee

By 2030, Cadillac will kick gas tanks to the curb | Hagerty Media

Cadillac revealed a production-ready version of its all-electric Lyriq crossover late last week. Aside from concrete details about the vehicle spearheading the marque's EV revolution-more on those in a moment-we also learned that there will be no more all-new gasoline-powered vehicles from Cadillac.

Judging by Cadillac’s US sales numbers and market share percentage, most Americans kicked Cadillac to the curb long ago.
Pit Crew

Whether or not Cadillac is your brand the styling is undeniable iconic.
Intermediate Driver

Tesla owners will sneer, Escalade owners with all the profits will move elsewhere. Not sure what's iconic about this, it looks like an updated SRX but with the roof so chopped it doesn't look like an SUV anymore, which is the only things that drives SRX sales. I wonder what will happen when the only thing people want to buy from them are Chevy trucks. Will they make the grill look like Cthulhu to deter people from buying them but still keep the union working?
Intermediate Driver

Escalade owners will move elsewhere to what exactly? Lincoln will be all EV. No one else makes a truck of comparable size in the luxury segment. The Lyriq also looks way different to the SRX, which is a car that's been dead for 5 years+ now, and it looks pretty distinct from the more bland CUVS on offer from the brand now. And it sure as hell looks better than the atrocious BMW offerings, or Mercedes beluga whale EVs they seem intent to roll out.
As for the Chevy trucks with Cthulhu grilles, I can only assume you're correct there