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Hagerty Employee

Buick straight-eight pistons and sandblasting our 1937 Ford Coupe | Redline Update


The 1937 Ford race car has been on the back burner for a minute, but now it is blasting to the top of Davin’s to-do list. That’s because the body and chassis are headed to the sandblaster to be cleaned up. The process could potentially reveal some structural problems, but Davin is hoping the car’s bones are solid. He’s also crossing his fingers that rebuilding the restarting assembly on the Buick straight-eight will be trouble-free—and, sometimes, Davin gets what he wants.


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New Driver

I enjoyed the series on the straight 8 rebuild. Is it possible to get any data in the pistons, or the other mods that were done? I have a clean 320 I am rebuilding the head on, and wouldn’t mind a few upgrades while it is off.