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Hagerty Employee

Bugatti’s chassis setup engineer drives a 1989 Porsche 911

It’s always interesting to discover which cars engineers in the automotive sector choose to drive, because their experience behind the wheel of a classic will always have an effect on the projects they’re working on, and the resulting cars we eventually get to drive. To give you some examples, Frank Isenberg, BMW Driver Training's top dog and leader of the M2 project, drives a special Land Rover Defender 110: specifically, a South African limited edition with the BMW M52 2.8i engine his team swapped in for a try. Then, there’s Polestar’s Lars Lagström, who disguised his Suzuki Cappuccino as a mysterious Abarth, only to inspire others in Sweden to get kei car track machines as well. Meanwhile, one of Jaguar Land Rover’s vehicle dynamics test drivers drives a manual-swapped BMW E46 M3 CSL.


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