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Bugatti and Rimac form high-voltage merger, Genesis allows a glimpse of G80 Sport, Australian GP axed again | Hagerty Media

Welcome to The Manifold, our fresh daily digest of news and what's happening in the car world. Intake: After many months of rumors, Rimac Automobili and Bugatti have merged, and 33-year-old Mate Rimac will take control of the legendary French brand.

Pedaling that "motorcycle" for 150 miles would have been quite exhausting!! Bad roads (compared to now) and the added weight would have made it quite a workout -- one tough guy! I remember a friend who had a little Sachs moped back in the late 70s. You could pedal it (and did to start the motor, IIRC), but the way it was geared and the weight of the thing meant you didn't want to! Didn't have a lot of power, best use of pedals was to assist the motor up steep hills.