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Hagerty Employee

Bucking the 2021 Bronco with Chip Foose: Ep. 25 | Hagerty Media

The all-new 2021 Bronco takes Ford's famous nameplate back to its roots as a purpose built off road machine. And make no mistake, the Bronco is a capable package that can be configured to almost anyone's needs. So what can Chip Foose do (in a drawing) to make it better?

I'm a big fan of slammed Broncos, so way to go Chip. My dream Bronco would be an early model riding on an Art Morrison or Roadster Shop chassis to get it down out of the clouds. Coyote powered, of course. I'd want to stretch the wheelbase between the door and front wheel to pay homage to the BroncoBuster funny car from back in the day.
Advanced Driver

Sigh. I wish Chip would realize that not every. single. car. needs to be lowered to within an inch of its life. Jeez, Chip, come up with something NEW once in a while!