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Bruce Meyers, creator of the iconic Meyers Manx, dies at 94 | Hagerty Media

Bruce Meyers, who created the iconic Meyers Manx and is generally heralded as the inventor of the dune buggy-an accolade he insisted was not accurate-has passed away. He was 94. Several sources reported Meyers' death. He suffered from myelodysplasia, a blood disease similar to leukemia.
Intermediate Driver

Very cool. Lots of imitators.
Intermediate Driver

An article nicely done, kudos to a modest man!!
Intermediate Driver

I admire humble people like Mr. Meyers who have a vision and follow thru.
Intermediate Driver

Anyone who gives away his lifejacket them tows the stricken sailor to safety in a combat situation is worthy of the highest praise we can possibly give. Great job in all aspects by a GREAT man.
Intermediate Driver

That the states even allowed us to license those things as road legal was amazing. 65 MPH was quite something. Seat belts, working lights, mud flaps in the rear. horn, and brake inspection. The amount of frame flex without a roll cage setup was off the charts. High tech was a split emergency brake activating just one wheel. I had a knock off that took a type 3 engine. If you didn't have a top kit it got old quick in September. No heat or defrost.
One of the few vehicles that would come out a loser in a head on with a Fiat 600.
You would get stopped by cops in the neighborhood while test riding it and you would to go back home with a stern don't do it again.
Lift one to you Bruce, you brought a whole lot of joy to the world.

I sense every complaint is made with nostalgia.
Intermediate Driver

Bruce, thank yo so much for your wonderful, whimsical contribution to the automotive world. Rest in peace good sir. And drive your little Manx around the clouds of Heaven.

Intermediate Driver

why is it that we universally admire modestly, great people, yet so many find it hard to be modest? Cheers to a life well lived and an American original.
Intermediate Driver

Thank You

A true legend
Hagerty Fan
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Best thing he ever did was save his shipmate's life off the shores of Okinawa. I'm certain the shipmate would agree with me. What a great guy. Now he is God's prized possession.
New Driver

I feel lucky I was able to have him on my podcast in 2019

Great guy