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Brother from another mother: 11 shared engine displacements

Today it’s common to find engines from several manufacturers that share displacement figures. Engineers determined that 500 cc per cylinder is a sweet spot for efficiency with low emissions and, consequently, there are lots of 2.0-liter four-cylinders, 3.0-liter sixes, and 4.0-liter V-8s. Before that discovery, road taxes in some countries also influenced displacement. Plenty of manufacturers ended up with engines designed to fit under certain mandated thresholds. Read the full article on

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Cadillac engines were 390’s from 1959-63.  The ‘63 was a brand new engine which evolved into the 429, 472 and 500 cubic inch displacement engines.  


Chrysler had a 350 cubic inch motor called the Golden Commando or Sonoramic Commando in the 1958, topped with dual carbs. An example of the motor - watch John Carpenter's cinema adaptation of Stephen King's Christine. The '58 Fury had the aforementioned Golden Commando.


How about 318 and 429?

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260: Ford and late Olds

289: Ford and Studebaker

322: Buick and LaSalle

429: Ford and Cadillac



ACK! Ask any Studebaker owner how many times they have been told that their V8 was a Ford 289.... not even close to the same engine and Studebaker had it first!


And don't forget the 425 Buick, Olds and Cadillac V-8s. 


Ford's V8 289!  HO version was a beast if tuned right. 


Ford also had a 429 that was in my '68 Country Squire  Mercury had a 360 and a 383

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Studebaker shared  289 CI  with Ford