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Hagerty Employee

Bronco Buster: A booming business of old Fords

When I was growing up in a small farm town in central Illinois, we had a neighbor, a mechanical engineer, who had a small shop behind his house. There was a piston in there so large I could use it as a stool, so I’d sit and listen to him explain things. He was my first mentor, and I was six or seven when I started working on small engines. I just had a bug. By age eight, I knew I wanted to be a mechanical engineer, too ...


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when they go over the top (my wild generalizationed personal opinion) I just shrug and pretty much slink off into the shadows. I should say "good on ya mate" but it just seems so obsessive to me. After 40 yrs I've seen alot of them and do pretty well stayin away. Sneak into the 'shows', stay under the radar. Wrks good for me. Much more interested in safe, durable DD and use as an income generator than a rec vehicle. "Race cars"and lotsa 'bolt ons' just seems garish, odd, wrong. More interested in stock w/a few (again) enhancements for safety, performance (that's MPGs & a lill pep) and utility (as a worker). Only "restored" 3 or 5 (the 3 or 4 to snag prts for the 5th I have had wrkin the woods for 39 yrs) and each of those were sold after completing my own (back early 80s - early 90s) just made inspectable, accouterments for strict wheelin, minimal rd-drives (but still legal). Most have stayed in the area. Clamor for my join @ the trails. I say "yes", 3, 4 X a yr "If U don't break down the banks, stay on the trails, leave only tire tracks." That's fun as we catch a sun set from on hi, have a beer'n a bonfire, strum/beat out a tune and talk bout "the fools who do all that weird stuff to the good ol bronks."