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Hagerty Employee

Brake-by-wire: Terrifying or terrific?

Since the advent of computers, it was really only a matter of time before the processing power of microchips worked its way into our automobiles. Are these mechanical brains helping or hurting the driving experience? Brake-by-wire is one such hotly-contested computer-controlled automotive system, and Jason Fenske’s latest video provides the perfect conversation starter ... Read the full article on


New Driver

I suggest they change the name from “drive by wire” to “drive after consideration from the committee”.  

There is something to be said for the connectivity between human and machine, this is often drowned out by sending inputs to computers prior to action being taken.

Take for an example of tuning that reduces engine output in 1st and 2nd gear to prevent wheel spin and or loss of control. 

Hagerty Employee

As long as it's imperceptible to the driver, I don't mind the idea of either throttle- or brake-by-wire systems. And if I'm remembering correctly, the C8 braking system actually has the benefit of being able to add enough brake pressure to stop a car with boiled fluid. That additional capability seems like a worthy trade off.