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Hagerty Employee

Brain scientist's 445-mile Sentra SE-R is a 30-year-old time capsule

Dr. Ronald Kalil was a man who prized precision. A Harvard grad with degrees from Tufts and M.I.T., Dr. Kalil died in 2021. He founded the University of Wisconsin-Madison's first Neuroscience Training Program in 1975, and the Center for Neuroscience in 1988, acting as their director for a combined 37 years.
Intermediate Driver

"have to be a brain scientist to appreciate that a sport sedan in such original condition" sedan? where are the other 2 doors hiding?
Intermediate Driver

Sedans can have two doors too.

I put a quarter million miles on my '91 - a happier, more dependable car would be hard to find. I personally think a four-door would have had nicer-looking proportions and considering how hard they are to find I would like to find a clean (they rust bad here in Michigan) 4D S/SE and transplant an SR20DE (still have one sitting on a dolly!) and other SE-R bits.
New Driver

If there ever was a time for Nissan USA to purchase an example of this car, the time is now. This belongs in Nissan‘s Heritage Collection in Tennessee.

Forget McLaren F1's, now Nissan SE-R's won't be affordable in Gran Turismo.
Pit Crew

And suddenly I am back in high school, one town away from the Smyrna Nissan plant where these were made. Thanks to a new factory with good paying jobs and a significant employee discount, a solid 25% of my school parking lot had a some model of the Nissan Sentra. It was a "perfect" first car for many family's teens, or third car for families at the time. Add in the influence of all those cheap, base model Sentras hitting the used market, and I don't think I'm exaggerating much if I credit the Sentra as being the car that opened the door for Nissan in the US South.

I agree, someone at Nissan in Smyrna needs to whip out the company credit card and start a North American Nissan Heritage Museum. Put in in a nice little building out by I-24 as a tourist stop.
New Driver

I had a ‘91 SE-R and it truly was a great little sports car. That this example even exists is so odd. I suppose at the price it eventually sells for, it’s bound for a museum somewhere. It would be silly to buy it to drive it unless you just won the lottery and a Sentra SE-R is your dream car and I doubt there are many people for whom that’s true.