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Hagerty Employee

Boogie or Bust: Motown to Nashville in a finned Fury

For those of us who live in snowy Michigan, spring can’t come early enough. Our cars spend their winters under wraps in storage until a good string of 50-plus-degree days comes to pass. Last spring came with an invitation from my buddy Jim Krom and his wife, Joyce, to head down to Tennessee for the Nashville Boogie festival, a rockabilly and country music jamboree over Memorial Day weekend. My girlfriend, Elizabeth, desperate for a few days in the sun and a break from her energetic little ones, eagerly agreed to be my road-trip companion. Days off were scheduled and rooms were booked. The countdown was on until we hit the highway.

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Pit Crew

After most of the way through the article I figured out it was written last summer and not irresponsible covid-19 behavior.  You should preface any such articles by stating it was written pre-covid.

Hagerty Employee

Definitely noted, Jeff. The road trip stories were a collection printed in the May/June issue of Hagerty Drivers Club magazine. They had an intro to the section there that explained these were all done last year. We’re keeping it safe. Missing those nights in Nashville last spring! 

New Driver

I think there was a clue at the very beginning, in the third sentence of the first paragraph.  "Last spring" would likely have been "this spring" if it were actually 2020.

New Driver

I am jealous.


Jealous of having a selection of cool cars from the Hagerty Collection to choose from to make a road trip.  And especially jealous of having your own private photographer to accompany you, so that your travel pictures are "live," rather than staged with a friendly bystander to snap them for you.


And, of course, sitting here in my home-office, trying to be productive while isolating working at home, jealous of the whole trip, which seems like a long-distant memory, but which holds out hope for the future; hope we all need to hold onto.

New Driver

Great article and road trip.

Back in 1969, I had the slightly younger brother of that car;

a 1961 Black on Black Plymouth Fury Convertible, with the same Red Interior. And the rare even then 383 with the "Long Rams" Sonoramic Intakes (x2 4BBLS outboard of the valve covers). It seems I remember it had a square(ish) steering wheel.

A super sleeper and with that great torque setup, With the push button Torqueflite and Posi, it was a stop light to stop light king.

Many a 55 Chevy with a small block fell victim to it. I had a number of other notable Mopars but that car was a favorite.

Drive safe and have fun.


Boots Langley

La Mesa, Ca




Beautiful car.  I got to see it at the Amelia Island car show this past March 8.  One correction.  This car does not have a PowerFlite automatic.  It is a TorqueFlite.   PowerFlite was a two speed automatic introduced mid year in 1953 on Imperials and on the full range of Chrysler products in 1954.   Was a very fine transmission in it's own right but was replaced by the legendary TorqueFlite in late model year 1956.  It was sold as a budget automatic on Plymouths and Dodges till '61 but most buyers opted for TorqueFlite.  A PowerFlite equipped car would have had 4 and not 5 push buttons. 

Hagerty Employee

Our Hagerty Garage is a great collection of classics old and new. I originally planned to take my own 1962 Thunderbird down, as I noted in the article, but it just wasn't ready for that kind of lengthy trip (control arm and bushings were shot). Ty is a wonderful photographer out of Bowling Green, KY. We only got to spend a day and change with him, but he made some nice pictures. Some of the road trips included with this one in the May/June issue of Hagerty Drivers Club magazine were self-shot by the folks who made the journeys. I'm just not that adept with the camera. 😉

Hagerty Employee

Good catch, Ashley! Probably should have done a story review with Tony at our Hagerty Garage in Traverse City, MI before going to press, since he manages our entire vehicle fleet.

Hagerty Employee

Thanks for sharing, Boots. We opted not to hammer it down Broadway in downtown Nashville, but our '60 Fury certainly does not lack power. Great car to drive on a trip like this one.